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L'asile Des Vampires part Ten

Baudelaire Clinic for Mental Disorders
Dieppe, Normandy

Margaret Zasalieu was fighting for her undead life. Immortality was a misnomer as there were quite a few ways to destroy a vampire, discovered by humans over the
millennia. A low level war where even the apex hemavore predator could become prey. In the end, mankind was still the undisputed monarch of killers on the planet earth.

Three of the female patients were attacking Margaret with an odd but lethal attack. The women were well known to her being Solange, Marie and Jeanette. The neurotic Marie who
went truly mad after Margaret drank of her blood and now was homicidally obsessed with her. Solange who thought she was Marie Antoinette and looking for vengeance against all of France for beheading her. Jeanette, the half french and half algerian woman who thought she was Cleopatra with similar designs of revenge.

All focused on Margaret.

The trio had been confined in straitjackets yesterday for simultaneous violent outbursts. Dr Rollin however wanted them to be among the other patients as he was trying to cut down on isolating them and instead increase their interactions. Margaret was amazed when Marcel walked in the dayroom and loosened the jacket sleeves of the three women who nodded to him as if they were aware of his plans beforehand. Then he pulled out six carved stakes and tied them to the ends of the sleeve buckles.

Margaret looked to the nurses and orderlies but none seemed to notice or care about this? Were they blind?

Then the trio looked at Margaret. Three seconds later they were encircling her and using their long stake enhanced sleeves as flexible attack weapons!

Margaret tried to avoid the women but their speed was nearly superhuman, the number multiplying the effectiveness. She had been slashed and caught a stab in her left side
after five seconds of the attack. Holding her side, Margaret looked around for human intervention. The nurses and orderlies kept to their tasks almost as if nothing was happening.
The other patients did not seem to notice as well. This was insane! Did they not see what was going on!?

Apparently they did not.

The reason for that was sitting in a wheelchair at the other end of the dayroom.

Dominque Catalliou had laid in her wheelchair, the human marionette whose strings were seemingly cut. Drooling and looking off to some place only she could see. At least thats
how she was before the attack. Now Margaret saw her sitting upright, quite aware and focused and smiling. Her legs crossed and her chin resting on her right hand which was braced by her knee. Her hair disheveled in all directions for effect. A glow emanated from her that seemed unholy but how was a vampire to judge something like that?

"Margaret Zasalieu. So loyal to your Mother in Darkness. So many of you are, yet these monsters took many of you against your will. I guess the peasant girl can forgive.
Such a nice christian you are!"

Margaret wanted to respond with a few choice words but she had been stabbed a second time with a left handed stake attack from Marie. Marie had tears in her eyes, almost
as if she did not really want to do this.

"Strike them back, but be careful. You might kill them with your strength!" Dominque pointed out.

Margaret leaped up to the ceiling and held on by burying her fingers into the concrete. Blood erupted from her fingers but hopefully she was up high enough to avoid the
triple attack from the women she had grown fond and protective of in the past month.

Thats when Solange bent over and Marie used her back as a step ladder to leap towards her target.

"oh for christ's sake.."

Marie screamed with fury as she launched both stakes at Margaret. They hit with such force they both shattered against the ceiling, Margaret barely avoiding it a split second before. As she landed on the floor of the dayroom, she caught a side of the stake to her temple with enough force to rattle even the enhanced physique of a vampire. Jeanette
followed up by wrapping both her jacket sleeves around Margarets throat. Her intention was to hold her. Margaret tried to throw her off but found the human woman's grip to
be almost superhuman.

"Impossible! Urk!" Margaret could barely utter.

"Nothing is impossible, walking corpse. Humans can be extremely strong if they can tap into their inner reserves. There is vast power within us, even more than you."

Solange now came in with both stakes, held firmly in her hands despite being within canvas.

Margaret managed to avoid her heart being pierced but caught another stake in her lower abdomen and then one then went through her hand.


Pain! Margaret was being seriously injured. These three humans controlled by this witch were quite capable of destroying her. She had no choice, she needed help.


Penelope had been in isolation but rushed to her daughters aid. Taking the form of mist she escaped under the door of her cell and entered the dayroom.
She found her daughter bleeding and in trouble from the three mortal women they had taken a liking to. They had no such sentiments in return.

"Oh my!"

"Mother, its her! The Hunter, ngh!" Margaret was trying to wrestle her two opponents who held fast. The two stakes piercing her being ground in deeper!


Penelope could not believe this. She looked around and none of the mortals seemed to see what was going on, like they were in a trance.
Anger erupted and she looked to the mastermind of the whole vile attack.

Dominque turned to Penelope without fear and with a look of arrogance.

"Now my true target shows herself. Quite convenient that turning into mist thing isn't it?"

Penelope launched herself with a hiss at the hunter, losing all sense of control.


Penelope grabbed the woman by her throat and pulled her face to hers. Her yellow eyes glowing with rage.

"Prepare to die, Mortal. I will rip your head off your shoulders!!!! Rargghh!!!!"

Dominique still smiled with no fear. Then her face morphed. A beard and mustache appeared.


Penelope held Dr Rollin in a death grip, his gasping and choking filled her ears.

A horrified Penelope released him as he fell to his knees onto the floor. She turned to see Margaret taken to the floor by Solange and Jeanette. Marie appeared with a large
axe that she taken from the emergency fire station. The sound of the blade dragging against the floor made a chilling sound.

"No!!" Penelope ran towards her daughter but she found herself being tackled by three large orderlies.

Marie stood over Margaret who had thrown off Jeannette, but Solange held fast.

The axe went high up into the air.

"Noooo!!!!" Penelope threw two of the orderlies off her like they weighed nothing.


The axe blade had found its target.

Margaret looked up to see Marie standing over her, tears streaming down her face. The blade was buried into the floor.

Penelope ran over to her daughter and threw Solange to the side. Solange was now catatonic as was Jeanette and now Marie.

Screams and yelling filled the dayroom. Now everybody could see, staff and patient alike. Penelope embraced her daughter who was bleeding heavily
but people were trying to pull her away.

"No! Let me go!"

Brigitte was there trying to pull the two apart.

"Penelope, please! Margaret is hurt! We must get her to the infirmary! Please, let us help her."

Jeanette, Solange and Marie now collapsed onto the floor.

Watching the whole commotion was a seemingly catatonic wheelchair bound woman with blonde curls, staring off into a space only she could see. Penelope
began to sob uncontrollably. The powerful vampire reduced to tears with the possibility that her daughter in darkness was nearly destroyed.

Two Hours Later.

Margaret was in the infirmary, weak from blood loss. Her attackers were not responding and laid in the cots staring at the ceiling.
Penelope had been dragged back to her cell and was now restrained heavily and administered heavy doses of drugs.

"Unbelievable, it was like a horror show. How did these women get free and where did they get those weapons?" Brigitte seemed in shock
despite her experience.

Dr Rollin had a focused look on his face. "I want to know why they attacked Margaret. This was organized, this was not a collective mania."

"These two women, these sisters are quite a mystery are they not?" Brigitte looked at her boss with wide blue eyes.

"They are. But I think that there is something else going on here. Someone wants them to come to harm."

"Mon dieu! We should called the Gendarmes right away!" Brigitte stood up with a look of concern.

"Oh no. They will be quite useless in this Im sure."

"Doctor Rollin, I know you are a maverick and quite independent minded but I think you should reconsider." Brigitte folded her arms.

"I will, but I am telling you right now. They will find nothing." Dr Rollin retorted.

A phone call later and the police were on their way.

Dr Rollin then looked at Brigitte and pulled a book from his shelf.

"Brigitte, have you ever heard of psychic phenomenon?"

"I have, Doctor. But it seems quite faddish, hardly a science. Like UFOs and the monster up in scotland!"

"I believe humans can access amazing power if they are attuned correctly."

"Doctor what are you saying?"

"Nothing. Nothing. Come let us greet the inspector. I owe him a bottle for that last serial killer case." Dr Rollin smiled.

Brigitte blinked and curled her lip. Doctor Rollin was a master of changing the subject.

That night, Penelope talked to her daughter who was quickly recovering. Their thoughts traveling at the speed of light from infirmary to padded cell.

"She is unbelievably powerful, mother. The three of them were nearly as strong as one of us. But she was able to hide it all from the rest of the staff. She
was able to hide it from their senses. Even vampires cannot do that easily. And so many people.

"I really want to destroy her now. I can easily escape again and kill her in her own room. Penelope snarled."

"Oh yes. Come kill me, I am so helpless. That is why I was able to nearly kill your daughter and you were the one who was helpless today."

Penelope began to bark threats but Margaret actually told her to calm down.

"Mother there is no point to this right now. I am more concerned for her poor pawns."

"How are they, the poor dears?"

They seem to be alright at least as much as they can be. They seem to be in some pain from having their physiological systems pushed to the limit.

"You bitch, you could have killed those poor women.." Margaret added, aiming that at Dominique.

"I would kill everyone in this whole asylum to destroy you two. This was just a warm up. Tormenting you two is part of the deal. Of course you could
just escape this place and then It would be harder to get you two. But I don't think you are going to do that are you?"

"You do not dictate what we do, mortal!" Penelope snarled.

"Oh? Stubborn ancient world mindset. Wouldn't you all be a laughingstock in the vampire community. Running for your undead lives from a mortal.

"Mother, do not let her get under your skin." Margaret said still in some pain.

" I promise, Dominique. You will suffer horribly when this is over. But not before the one who hired you suffers worse."

"Yawnn..okay, goodnight ladies. See you tomorrow. Heal up, Margaret. Enjoy your straitjacket, Penelope. Wait till you see what I have in store for you
later. The earth abides me, granting me powers you walking corpses could never dream of"

The two vampire women remained silent. They were no longer dismissive of the Hunter. The danger was quite real.
Not only their lives but the lives of everyone in this place was at risk. The thought of retreat lingered.

Something a vampire's ego would never tolerate,

The game would continue.

To Be Continued
L'asile Des Vampires part Ten
Dominique Catalliou is actually unknowingly tapping into the gaia power hinted at throughout the AGC universe. I decided that it would be easier for women to wield it, but the few men who can are far more powerful. We shall see.

Of course the smart thing to do would be for M&P to split but then there would be no

Margaret and Penelope are creations of :iconcelestialhost:

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The Coyote Kid part Five

"You are the only thing keeping me in this world, William. I know this may be a bit of a burden to put on you."

"My mother in darkness, don't say such things. Please. You are my reason for being, existing. You are my goddess.
I don't know what I would do without you."

"You call yourself a man? I chose you because you were strong. Now you are acting like just another acolyte. Maybe I should destroy you and then
myself. I don't know what I was thinking saving you.."

"My existence is in your hands, my love. Still I would rather heal your wounds and help you. I am still a man and you are a woman. It is my job to
protect you and sacrifice for you. What is causing you such despair, whatever it is, let us fight it together!"

"Oh Jesus, Mary still believe in such shite. No man or woman is a god or goddess, certainly no vampire. We are damned. If you love me,
stop with this false worship. Worship the Lord if you can, but do not put your faith into anything from this evil world. That is my command to you if that is how you want it."

"Please, don't leave me. You are all I have. Please."

"Its for the best. I will see you again…..probably on judgement day. Then we can be in the flames for eternity. I doubt you will have the same feelings about me

"Even in Hell, I will serve you.."

A Cave somewhere in what used to be Northern Arizona.

The Coyote Kid woke. The light of the sun still on the horizon but dying in a festival of crimson, lavender and gold. His Atlatl by his side. Looking over
to the two still dormant female vampires next to him, he wondered if this was all just a waste of time. For years, The Kid had seen the worst of both humanity
and vampire kind. Two cousins always at each other's throats. It was not an equal fight, the humans were outmatched but had the numbers. But now.
Taking either side depending on who the underdog was his only consistent action. The world had changed so much but the conflict never did. Was this the
way of the almighty?

He had become a christian because of Siobhan, the most unlikely being to convert. He would carry the cross, regardless of what he felt or thought inside.
As a teenager he had been a rebellious jerk; heavy metal, gore flicks and stolen beer. Reading Nietzsche. Carrying a blade, getting an earring and fighting
anyone who got in his way. Everyone thought he was a savior to the hemavores, a noble and chaste warrior.

No one could guess he was merely trying to uphold a vow to his long gone beloved. Was she dead or did she still walk the earth He had no idea.

Then a selfish thought came to him. A recurring thought.

"Thank god, this world was almost destroyed."

The Kid knew full well the number one enemy of hemavores who still had an inkling of positive humanity left. The Passage of Time.
The Darkness Dawn and then the following Epoch insured that the continuity of civilization was gone. No trying to fit in with the times.
It made it easier for him, the rest of humanity and vampires be damned.

Would anyone still think he was a savior now?

The women were stirring. Time to feed.

Metacala's eyes opened. There was still a degree of surprise in those red orbs. She was still not used to being a vampire. Waking in darkness and on cold
stone floors or dirt. Immediately she looked to The Kid and she was reassured. Smiling. A smile that made him feel a little better. Her safety and future
reinforced his focus.

"YAWWWWWNNNNN.." Sally's mouth opened wide, showing her sharp fangs. Stretching her arms out, she still looked half asleep.
But she was already thinking of her first priority.

"I'm thirsty. Breakfast time! I want a human, no varmints! I'm sick of them!"

"In this territory, I am sure you will get your chance. Still if you are so famished you can have some of mine." The Coyote kid offered his wrists.

Metacala stared wide eyed.

Sally looked greedily at his veins and then looked over at Metacala who seemed in a trance.

"Oh, hey the tenderfoot wants some too! I get first dibs, because I am older!"

Metacala looked downwards meekly.

"Sally!" The Kid admonished.

Sally smiled, she was ribbing the newbie. Putting her hands around Metacala gently, she tried to reassure her.

"Just kidding, señorita. Say, we are both women. Just chowing down on his wrists is kind of rude."

Sally fixed her hair and winked suggestively at the kid.

"You want to make out, cutey?"

Metacala covered her mouth at the ludeness of Six Gun Sally.

"Oh yeah, its so much more fun to drink blood this way. Especially from a cute guy, human or vampire. Metacala, I know you like The Kid here.
Why not go for it. His blood is like a power tonic, a caffeine blast to the circulatory system. Snake oil that actually works!"

Sally started to get a slightly mad expression on her face. Apparently there has been head trauma that turned a mild, meek school teacher into a gun toting
psychopath a century ago. The injury was still there although mostly bypassed by the hemavore resurrection process. Mostly.

Metacala instead did the unexpected. She ran and left the cave.

"Sally! Why are you doing this? You know she is in a fragile stage. I am trying to help her adapt better." The Kid looked on sternly.

"Oh, Yote boy. True bleeding heart. Always helping the wayward and the weak. And you wonder why there are so many darn screwed up blood
drinkers running around."

"Yes, I remember helping one quite a while ago. A former mental patient/ex criminal who got turned her first year out of the asylum. Someone I cared for
very deeply."

Sally got real quiet.

"You know I love you, right? Always have."

"I love you too Sally. But whenever I got closer you disappeared on me. Then the world went Dark and now you come and go at a whim.
I figured the last time was the longest. Yet here you are again. I don't know what to make of you Sally." The Kid's expression grew sad.

"I love you enough, Kid, to know that I will never take her place in your heart."

Sally looked up at the roof of the cave, flittermice leaving to sweep the sky
of winged insect life.

The two powerful vampires now said nothing, verbal or mindspeak.

The Coyote Kid broke the silence a few minutes later.

"Lets go find Metacala."

As they left the cave, The Kid sensed something.


A flash of silver and he had been knocked down by something powerful. Still on his hands and knees he heard Sally screaming in anger.
Looking upward he saw a tall and semi metallic man lifting up Sally by her throat. He was not a vampire or a true human anymore.


"Oh yes, There are still a few around. Many hiring their services all over this shattered world."

The Kid turned to see a woman dressed in slightly ripped business attire. Looking quite out of place in the desert. Hemavore.

These were the Vein Bandits who had been tracking them.

"Aieeeeee! My Lord, Please Help me!"

Metacala was on the ground with Mariah's boot on the back of her neck. Already trussed like a calf at a rodeo. The vampire strength of Metacala still
no match for the trained restraining techniques of an experienced VB like Mariah.

"That trick you did worked,Boss. that mind shit is really something!" Mariah smiled but her eyes had evil intentions.

"Oh yes, when I was human I was already a psychic. Being turned enhanced it. I was trained in the Catalliou tradition on top of that. Even this powerful
Hemavore could not suspect we were nearby!"

The Coyote Kid remembered the Catalliou system. It had made both vampire hunters and vampires more powerful in their abilities. Dominique Catalliou's
name still invoked dread among the drinkers of blood.

Sally had also been trussed up, singlehandely by the powerful Mr Daughtry.

"You damn yankees! I hate being tied up! urghh!" Sally was not breaking the filament enhanced ropes binding her.

The woman known as Boss and Mr Daughtry now gave The Kid their ultimatum.

"We can avoid unpleasantness. I can sense you are quite powerful and we may not be able to take you without destroying you or you destroying us.
Still these two are the bargaining chip. We will let them go if you give yourself to us."

"Damn traitor! Vampires are supposed to stick together against mortals!" Sally screamed.

The dark haired woman turned to 6G Sally.

"Oh yes, unity, solidarity. I know you are a bit insane but you are not stupid enough actually believe that nonsense."

Sally rolled her eyes and sighed. Boss was correct. The mortals could never even unite within and without their own racial and class groups,
vampires were ten times worse.

"Well I had to say something defiant."

"Boss, or should I say Janaya. You are pretty good at blocking my awareness but do you know who I am?" The Kid smiled.

The Vein Bandit leader shuddered. How was he able to break through her mental defenses? She was trained in the Catalliou system!
Was he even more powerful than she could imagine?

"How did you know my name!?"

"I know everything about you now. Mariah and Mr Daughtry as well."

"Don't read my mind you damned fang face!" Mariah screamed angrily.

Mr Daughtry also smiled.

"You're good, buddy. Finally a worthy opponent."

Mr Daughtry was the most dangerous of the three. A american soldier badly wounded during the 'Reaper Wars' of the mid 21st century, he had been developed as an anti Reaper
weapon. This man had fought throughout the Darkness Dawn days and into the Darkness Epoch. The man was a killer of human, hemavore, female cyborg feminist terrorist,
and even some 'old ones' who were showing up with ever greater frequency. Being a Vein Bandit was almost like a demotion.

The Kid realized that combined with Janaya, it might actually be an even fight. Mariah would be the tie breaker and now the possibility of Metacala and Sally
being destroyed was a real possibility.

"Well, we got a mexican standoff here, don't we?" The Kid smiled.

"Yeah, we do. Only one way to settle it. You remember the old films, kid? I figure you being human in the early 21st century by the way you talk, you might remember them."
Mr Daughtry smiled.

"I was born in the late 20th century. My uncle was a nam vet. Used to watch westerns with me as a kid."

Mr Daughtry's eyes lit up.

"Oh man, I would love to talk about those days. I love history."

"Mr Daughtry , please this is not the time. Be professional!" Janaya snarled.

The cyborg ignored her.

"Well, funny how things come around again. Now were living a real life western, ain't we boy. With vampires and cyborgs added, but still, in the end, we can be like those days. Men. Relying on our ability to deal out death. I think you understand me, right? Real men like us almost died out a while ago, when the damn bitches took over the world."

Mr Daughtry now walked ten paces to the right of The Kid.

Janaya looked dumbfounded. Her best operative was going to have a duel with this mysterious and powerful hemavore?

"Mr Daughtry are you insane?" Janaya screamed as if she was at some board meeting.

"Yeah! YEAH! Yeeehah! Get em, Kid! Show him who the fastest draw in the west is! Next to me of course.." Sally shouted out.

Mariah was dumbfounded as well.

A compartment in Mr Daughtry's left thigh opened. A large handgun emerged into his left hand. The Kid knew they were designed for hemavores and
that a good heart or headshot would destroy even him.

"Get your AtlAtl, Coyote Kid.."

Janaya and Mariah's eyes almost bugged out of their heads.

"Thats the Coyote Kid!" Janaya shrieked. Now she truly felt fear like she had not felt since going home with that mysterious stranger in that club sixty years ago.

"Holy Shit!"

Mariah also felt fear, but she also thought of the bounty. At least ten organizations wanted this fang face dead!

The Coyote Kid took his position.

"If I lose, you have to make me a promise, Mr Daughtry."

"For this opportunity to find an opponent who might free me from this existence, I will make any promise."

The Kid realized Mr Daughtry's motivation now.

"Let the two women go free."

"You have my word."

The Kid knew he was telling the truth.

"Mr Daughtry! You do not have that authority! You are under contract I will have you remember. You signed the papers, that is your bond!"

"Damn lawyers, thats what this broad was..heh." Mr Daughtry chuckled.

"There are also gender harassment clauses!!!" Janaya stamped her feet angrily. Forgetting everything and reverting to her lawyer days in 21st century Nefcon City.

The two men, cyborg and vampire, but still men were now quiet.

A wind began to blow. Tumbleweed rolling on their never ending journey The moon came out to watch the shootout from behind silver and grey clouds. The stars watched as the beings who shared their immortality faced off. Then again even the stars eventually died..violence ended lifespans, natural or not. Only violence was real in the end, cutting through the delusions of sentient primates.

Coyotes began to howl in the distance in support of their namesake.

Three of the four women watching could not believe what they were seeing. One was loving the thrill of it all but she was semi insane. The thoughts of the rest
were varied to their personal interest in the outcome.

"Oh milord, please don't die."

"Daughtry is one brave sonofabitch."

"Daughtry you stupid fool!!! Argghhh!!!"

The two opponents counted to three..

"DRAW!!" Both yelled at the same time.

To Be Continued
The Coyote Kid part 5
Back to The Kid. A bit soap opera-ish, been watching alot of old school 80's mecha anime tv shows on youtube.

Some linking to the AGC era and forward to the Future OPR era.

Janaya eventually becomes a benevolent Harvest godess to Ryan Stoudt's people in pennsylvania in Our Passing Reign. Hard to believe but it is true.

Mr Daughtry started out fighting the Reapers who nearly killed him in the later AGC era stories. The honorable anime villain trope.

Like Black Widow, SG Sally had the misfortune to become a vampire, twice!
Ashes Ashes by Sheer Terror

Waiting for the fall.
Hours slip on by, and the curtain has it's call.
The audience never came, but the fat woman went home.
The box-office has tallied up all the receipts and we're a hundred years in the red.
I've heard their aspirations in the eyes.
I've felt the lust, I've seen them rise, 
I've seen them fall, I've seen them turn to dust.
But I've been waiting for so long for a shining star to fall.
But I'm just waiting… patiently.
I'm just waiting patiently for a friend and for the end.
I'd like to get out of here before the dawn, before the sun.
Can't I hop a bus. Or catch a train or hitch a ride with someone?
Let me go, please let me go, I've seen enough
And I just wanna… wait for the fall.
Waiting for those ashes to fall into their own collective places.
Waiting for those ashes to fall, and to form their own collective faces

How could you not like the most goonish hardcore vocals with Celtic Frost riffs
and Ian Curtis like singing parts. Paul Bearer is both legit scary and hilarious.


I was thinking of putting up the lyrics for 'Cruel Summer' by Bananarama but changed my mind despite its seasonal relevance.

Mature Content

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Black Ram 6G

The Black and The Rainbow

Riddgefield Asylum for the Criminally Insane
June 2043

It was a typical night in the Ridgefield Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Inmates were cackling, drooling, thrashing about in their straitjackets and having quite philosophical discussions with each other about world conquest and capers.

However the darkness was lit up if only for a few weeks. Time to celebrate the ultimate in diversity (as mandated by both the Federal and Nefcon City Government), Gay Pride Month! At least a full quarter of the inmates qualified under this designation and this was their month. Indeed all the rest would also celebrate, willingly or not. As they said
"Love Wins" and to the winners go the spoils. With the attempt to ban historic 'Heterosexist' marriage gaining steam again, the tide against hate was turning ever further.
Then to go after those who dared to choose a particular race over others for their mates. Then the gender.

Who were you to choose the opposite gender over another? That was hate and inequality!

Rainbows adorned the asylum as well as lavender and pink triangles. For this month the black enamel forced onto the patients, both gay and straight was now rainbow colored!
Of course the grumblings and complaints were because these men were mentally incompetent of course, obviously more treatment was needed. However a disturbing discovery
was that many of the LGBT inmates did not seem as appreciative. Instead of rainbow flags and loud techno parties, they wanted to be set free to cause havoc. Gratitude had been expected but it was not forthcoming. The social manager of the asylum decided that more funds and more work  was needed  in order to reach these men and identified women who obviously had been severely traumatized by heterosexist culture so much that they did not even appreciate being uplifted.

Within the dayroom, two patients were once again in the middle of a debate. Robert Dumbrowski, right wing chauvinist former leg breaker of Thieves Inc known as the Black Ram and Matt Donahue, out and proud former gay billionaire and illegal vigilante, The Peacock. As usual it was heated and luckily for them, both men were in the restricting but safe arms of their straitjackets. Of course each LGBT inmate put into such a garment was given a full explanation that the term 'strait' had no connection to the word 'straight' which could be considered offensive for such people. The idea of calling them "crossed jackets" or "cross-jacket" was being considered by the director of services. Its not like
anyone except catholics gave a damn about the term 'cross'. It was a more accurate description of the arm position.

"Gay Marriage was fucking bullshit, Matt. I used to be all for it  when I was a dumb anarchist but you guys were such asshole bolsheviks about it I changed my mind." Rob said, lucky to be an asylum inmate whose words could be discounted. Now if the guy had been on the outside and said this at work..President Brushelm help him.

"Well luckily the civilized world agreed with us and made it the law of the land, there are people who want to be on the Right side of History you know." Matt fumed.

"You mean the Left side of history..and last I checked most of the world has not adopted this. Are you saying they are uncivilized? How racist and western centric of you, mister liberal." Rob smiled. This was great, a failed working class dissident getting to vent on a former wealthy rich kid progressive. This made being incarcerated almost worth it. Equal in being locked up loonies..

"Oh yes, discount principles because you don't like how it was implemented. Makes a lot of sense, you sound like a whining spoiled baby. In the end do you truly think gay marriage was wrong? As if marriage was not already dragged through the mud by you heterosexuals for decades."

Matt had a good point there. The institution of marriage had been in sorry shape long before homosexuals decided to embrace it, although Rob had always thought that one of the perks of being gay was not having to get married in the first place, among other bourgeois notions.

"As a child of divorce, I cannot argue with you there. Men and women have helped to destroy the sacred bond of marriage I admit, but I question the movement to extend such a thing to homosexuals. I would say the intentions of the main architects of this were to further make the idea of marriage meaningless. If it can be for everybody than in the end it is for nobody." Rob answered.

"Don't play semantic metaphor games like C.S Lewis, Rob. Tell me to my face, why should a man not have the right to marry another man? Or a woman to another woman? Can you give me a real reason? You say 'sacred bond', you can't fool me. You are hardly religious." Matt shot back.

"I cannot lie, the religious arguments to me hold no water on the surface. But then again it is not what I believe that matters but what those who do believe do. To them this is an abomination. This is not all just a debate between two people but of an entire dying culture.
In the end marriage is a standard where men and women unite to begat and raise children, what the future of a civilization depends on!
When religions say this is the way of death they have a strong argument. Did you guys honestly think that you could an invert a symbolic ceremony, ubiquitous and in all cultures, prehistoric even and not get some kind of push back? Is than not the height of arrogance? Even if you thought you were right, as a liberal are you not supposed to understand the other side? Or is that grey, ambiguity only useful when you can  hammer the other side and make them feel uncertain?"

"You still have not answered my question, dear Robert. Why should gay marriage not have been allowed? You circle around with nuanced maneuvers but cannot address the main, direct question."

"Because its not that simple, Matt. Do I care if two men marry in and of itself? I could give a damn. Still I think it is a bit silly. Who is supposed to be the wife? In the bigger picture though its the sign of a sick, dying society, not the cause but just another symptom. I thought most of you guys and gals say you don't want to get married. I mean you never married right?"

Matt paused and thought of Carl. He had actually thought of proposing but with doubts, doubts he could not explain. Doubts that did not matter when Carl explained how he thought the idea was silly. He forgot that Carl had leaned Tory.

"Not to mention you even were part of that lavender mob corporate push to turn heterosexist marriages into civil unions. Last I checked you had two parents who were happily married. I guess that privilege will be left to those with money, just like everything else, heh?"

Rob snarled this but then regretted it instantly. He had gone too far and made this personal. Fuck. Matt's parents had been murdered to boot.

"Dumbrowski, you asshole." Rob thought to himself. Anger was becoming a major weakness now.

He thought of apologizing but suppressed it out of his own ego. Matt said nothing but seemed to no longer look at Rob, like he was remembering something.

The two men, both hated by their fellow patients, were now gathering  a small audience. The security Nurses watched with the eyes of a hawk, hoping to instill a little discipline.

"Yes, Peacock. Tear this traitorous breeder fool apart with your words!" Hermaphrodite snarled.

"Mi amour, I will kick this low life in the face if you so desire." Lady Knight put his chin on Matt's shoulder. The former vigilante had an uncomfortable look as one of his rogues gallery was so close. Having such psychopaths on his side seemed to give Matt pause. As much as he disagreed with Rob, in the end he was one of the few men in this place he respected.

"To bad, Meatrack is in isolation. If he were here he would teach this bigot a lesson." Blue Rooster crowed.

Rob smiled. Even helpless, all these criminals were afraid of only two men. Rob himself and the man they were now acting all cushy with.

However Rob had some supporters.

"I had enough of these fruits getting all this attention. Look at what we have to endure because of them!" Captain Grenade fumed at his rainbow manicure. He had been a mans man and tough soldier and look at the indignity he had to put up with in this booby hatch!

"I'll say! This is so humiliating! " Cthulhu Kid piped up. "All this does is make me want to destroy the world even more the next time I escape!"

Rob and Matt looked at each other, both realizing that they did not want to continue this opposition to each other with all these maniac enemies around.

Matt also silently agreed, this enamel on male patients, an extension of what was done at the sister asylum of Hanover was quite a violation of men's civil rights. Rob had always said this was the logical result of a feminized society. Was not a more equal society supposed to be both masculine and feminine? Not one dominating or the other. And in the end, despite his orientation and occasional gay costume parties, Matt was a man. Looking down at his own rainbow 'pedi' enraged him. How the hell did these silly women think this was okay or right?

Was it done for that reason? To further humiliate men? Such thoughts crept up Matt's spine like a chill, clenching his stomach. It was one thing when he was a trustee and visitor of this place, but he truly understood the insidious nature of this place now after being sent here. A place he had sent these villains time after time when he defeated them.

This was his reward?

It was alot easier for Rob, who didn't believe in rights and saw everything in terms of power struggles. Yet honor kept him from
the logical endgame of nihilism for now. He actually thought the enamel and other indignities were funny and proved his rambling points.

"Alright you, disperse or I will get the taser. And you will all get your medicine from the other direction. I know some of you will like that!"

Nurse Dorothy, the green haired demon said this with a grin. The other patients cringed and back off immediately with looks of terror.

Matt turned and looked at her with angry eyes.

"Whoah, relax rich kid. Here your wallet is empty. You were used to running things and telling people what to do with your daddy's money. But now you take orders from me. Understand?"

Matt stood defiant and walked closer to Dorothy, looking her right in her eyes. Other Nurses and the security guards got ready to take the tall, former crime fighter down.

Nurse Dorothy motioned for them to stay back.

"I swear, that no matter what happens. You will end up in Hanover. You are a psychopathic criminal disguised as a Nurse. Remember these words, Dorothy."

Matt said this calm and even and with his own smile. Dorothy herself was almost unnerved by this.

Rob smiled on the side. Now this is what mattered, the two men as allies and fighting against the powers that be side by side.

He also got up and got into the staredown.

"Oh yeah, Dorothy. We are going to change places someday. Too bad I won't be allowed to do to you what you have done to me, although you never know."

"Oh really?"

With that, Dorothy merely walked away. Both men had actually turned her on with their defiance. Both real men. She would make sure they got punished later off course.

Everything returned to normal and soon the patients of Ridgefield were cackling, glaring and wandering about again yelling out their plans for world domination.

Rob and Matt both sat on the couch.

"That was great, Matt. Can I marry you?" Rob winked.

Matt laughed. In the end these matter were all trifles. Both men believed in the same main principles of justice and fairness even if it translated on opposite sides of the spectrum. Two things
which were as rare and vanishing a commodity as the two former masked men.

To Be Continued
Black Ram 6G
More controversy after the last few weeks. Rob the Black Ram is pretty much how I look at things. You see its an imaginary character, I didn't say anything, heh. 

There are many sides to an issue..

Wussed out with the gay-straight alliance at the end.

Ridgefield Asylum is the male asylum in the AGC universe.

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The Cries (redux)

by Junger Hass

I. Beaten on the Subway after looking at Northern Renaissance Art(1988)

The blue and the green evens it out
A young male deer, peering up. Hello!
No Threat yet, Oh no(wait till next season)
Has it been Ten years? A decade plus and an energy drink
Think! Summers evil works its malevolence
Yet again, tasty decadence
Choking dry then wet unawares, an imp, a tease
Turning the hovel into a levant-esque tomb
The Dead come out, larger, more of them and more at home
Seasoning my despair with ease
What poisons macht frei
The Tide has turned my friend, my comrade
Didn't you hear the news from the capital?
Why we had it all wrong, all along
Thrown halfway into a battle, when our leaders changed their minds and enemies
Remember signing the paper? The stipulation? Binding you
When the doctor hung you by your tiny feet
and slapped you, weimar willkommen!
Your sweet oblivion and vacation,
is over….time to earn your damnation,

Slowly, oh so...
The slowly creeping horror, The horror, terror
worse than on the screen
Nevermore than sorrow
God must love the lean and mean
more than you and I
But you scorn and rant at my adaption and my preparation,
tragedy and obligation
Nemesis and Negation and Mammon, for good measure
Pleasure treasured at your leisure
Why this party will last forever! The tree is magic and the ending
a happy one, right? Unending feast, tomorrow and tomorrow
What else could this game have been about? You can't say there is a large yellow eye
looking from underneath, can you? Malignant elder one
Pulling away the canvas below, why that would be too much
It would be too much, much too much
Oh Dear God
Malignantly useless*

Would you drag away the sunshine and the rainbows
and the smiling four legs, and the picnic that awaits?
Heretic!  I Don't like you much any more
Taking away my dreams, my sweets, my illusionary advantage
thanks to my being born in her likeness

I am very special you know(of course)

Otherwise, I would (will and shall) hate you for turning out the light,
Now leave as you displease, I need to betray you tonight,
and every night

As the silly woman made a face, spurned, already looking towards the useless city
I sneered, man or boy or geezer, ghost person, words hoarse and half heard
It is better to be, and no price must ever be paid, thusly
So I watch the sunset, simulated armageddon, where fire and blood met
Twilight hue of a twilight world, the elven race has no idea, no fear (but its unearned)
I roll my neck, check my pants pocket and scan the street for predators,
Invisible walls are not really there, my dear

My seraphim on earth long gone, So I don't need you, racial sister
but worlds apart(as was planned),
Not every one can be the Princess, they lied to you like they did everyone

Cross the Rubicon, bridge into or out
it makes no difference…
You will pay far more than you are worth

II. The Dying Regional accents of the North East: I Don't want my kid sounding like That!

When I was young, cow licked and smelled a bit
fear and dread, not quite developed, No Detection
A remnant in my erection (where is my mother?It is getting late and I am not home!)
Watching Hammer Horror from the kitchen, it seemed black and white (just an Old TV)
Unknowing, the Horror out of sight.
Apparently, decades before there had been a fight,
And lucky for us all the winners had been right,
So onward through the garden of the 'fleurs du mal', but I knew it was no Victory parade
Halfway a villain I learned , Now fully one later(hater)
Fled one rapist for another, and more humiliation
Immigrant song indeed, beaten and abused
In the Merchant Nation, Puritan Negation and Usurious Manipulation
Empowered by fractious relations, Within and without,
(Beer made with corn, tasteless burgers, Hair Spray)
As the Eagle and The Bear postured far, far away
(A cold Ruse)
I love the Eight-ays
Waiting for the fun times, that never came
the ticket three decades past due,
Oh Well, Forget you then

No awareness of even this pre stage, twerpish
not even perceived, as hidden events drowned under hidden facts
Not hidden very well,
my violated five box home and the burning rubbish in the back,
followed up by methadone attack
On the fragile crystal barrier I stared at,
Night after Night, what lurked beyond the curtain?
What monsters awaited, no fangs or fur for certain
They looked like me, (shape wise at least)

I look like them now

We'll get back to you if we find out anything, ma'am
Officer Superfluous, shanty goon, blue and big
Same Rat Time
Same Fat Station
You make this all possible, Pig

Where was I? Oh yes!

Born in the year of our lord, designated the Downturn (MCMLXXII)
Torn and an unknowing and unwilling Pioneer, in between worlds, burned
not fully formed and then the break, upon the floor
Learning as I went but failing each time, more and more
losing flesh each time, humanity
lessened, armor added,
sadness cut out with the heart, blood replaced
and anger aided, my battle, my war
Of All against me

I had no chance,
Its now round 41 and i'm behind 100 points,
and they know and blow all the Judges,
painting a picture with my face crimson
on the canvas
Saved and depraved by the Bell

So I stumbled and bumbled and grumbled, in my rut
a hundred cliches of youthful rage and heavy shadows in my gut,
I wrote in my flesh with iron, to release the thoughts too
evil to digest and emotions too black to shelter

This could all have been much easier if you just said I was a primate,
maladapted to awareness, two centuries into a failed philosophy,
Thesis                     Lies that Heal
Anti-Thesis              Truth to Destroy
Synthesis                This Waste Land cost what?!

100 years in the Red, Lo the Fair Dead! **   
The Bearer and the Pound
The Sound and The Fear
Here is our ennui as fashion      

Living in the land of the tormentors with the name of my father's people (perpetual peasants)
Living in the land of the dour, working blonde folk, arms perpetually crossed,(Boy, were you suckered!)
Living in the land of those who scream and threaten and attack, starting the first warm night of a year(everyone loves you now!)
Living in the land of the very bad drivers(oh you celestials)
Four Allies only, honed, far but appreciated,
One beloved gone, one beloved far away
Alone is a Man, in his burdens and battles,
Despite what they say
That is the Way, Tao de Ka Ching!
Knocked the Fuck out, brah!

An armored jeweled  green wasp with a dollar sign and a (the)Sting
And she is on your ankle
Oh Dam(n), the fiery pain it will (b)ring!

The Party has been over for a long time, Hon, B more vigilant(e)
The Journey now more than halfway Done
If I am (p)lucky!

III. Crafted With Love: I Hate NY Too

Tentacle city, pulsating, growing, flowing, spires and spines stories high
Injecting grandeur and Hubris and such,
Into a sober, reddened sky

A challenge that sounds like a Babel
Of hollow money power
And the anthems of the rabble

Things that were once human
Speak and say nothing
can see even less
And hear at the lowest threshold of coherence

And you say I am of these?
Those of four legs have more honor
The Hive billions, more logic
The scaled and the shelled,
Fathoms more courage

Cut the tree's root brown, Emptied the  porcelain pitcher blue, Drained the succulent juices red
Emptied the vessel of its very essence
Till it was just a damned, big old beautifully wrapped box of Nothing

Living in Error, without meaning and without translation
or communication
In an era of perverse cornucopia
and all the phone lines cut

Making it up as I(we) go
Dark flawed stone paths of the villages
Faustian and Driven in the wrong direction,
Pseudo degenerate
Empty even in evil (poseur!) reflection

Innocence a burning frost,
icicle on skin and in eye socket
Of eternal solitude,
Of cyclopean, unreal failure
Off with the capitates, of the King/Yellow***,
Queen/Red, On November's leafy bed

Ruby, spicy, autumn ale
Older structures, shadows and masonry
stone epigraphs written in bone, pale

Less teeth but more connected
You would never know what you never had


You miss nothing
Peony thrower
Degenerate Decade On
The basket empty..

My Gift from God

V. Poe is Avenged!****

So I see the City of the Dead, my ballad nearly through

The Crystal spires, vampires and funeral pyres

As I pass the through the gates over unholy water

Tombstone shelters rising, lit, glowing

Piercing the atmosphere, growing slowly, ever so and completely

Drinking the blood of the nations

Excelsior! Icarus complex, Simple in Effect!

The going under of the evening land*****, confusing our celestial onlookers with the opportunity

Do you see?

Or do you look elsewhere, at something else so much more important

Never was there more to choose

From Nothingness…

Enjoy for now, You will yet hear The Cries

Of the dying and those who wish for it

Pretending to believe the Lies

when you knew better the convenient cowardice

Thinking it was only for the "others"

Weakened in time for savagery, trusting your walls and your messiahs, who sold you like cattle

The Elven race shall die out, slowly, degraded, never even engaging in the battle

The survivors may prostitute, I am not of you anyhow that you made clear oh so long ago

Neanderthal wanderer with my spear, my contempt and the holy forgotten songs I know

my companions in the cold wind, upon the cliff face

And into the fray of blood and fangs, I will brace

The world finally makes sense..

The Cries(redux)
A stab at a "The Waste Land"(T.S Eliot) type poem.

This is my 'Junger Hass' persona, a strange barely talking young war vet from Newark fucking New Jersey. All the weird, modernist stuff is from him now.

Notes on the Text:

* Ala Thomas Ligotti in his The Conspiracy Against The Human Race

**Lead singer of Sheer Terror, a classic NYHC band, 100 years in the Red from
the song "Ashes,Ashes'', Ezra Pound, modernist pioneer poet. "Lo the Fair Dead!" is one of his poems.

***The King in Yellow (1895) by Robert W old weird tale anthology that
is receiving a well deserved resurgence.

****As triumphantly announced by my man Bela Lugosi in the universal horror film The Raven(1935) (before he is crushed to death)

***** The literal translation of Oswald Spenglers magnum Opus The Decline of The West(1918) (Which I am still trying to read through, those crazy germans!)

The previous poem DSY was a part of this:

"Peony Thrower" refers to the Chinese approximation of angels, the faerie maidens
who throw flowers from their baskets down to earth.

Guess who the neanderthal is..

This is a revisit from my still fave poem next to the Forever Autumn series:…


United States
Current Residence: the declining Northeast USA
Favourite genre of music: Black metal, classic metal, Italian horror music prog rock, classic disco and rap.
Favourite style of art: Drawings..
Operating System: Out of date
Personal Quote: Not ANOTHER stupid white guy commercial!?!!?
Ashes Ashes by Sheer Terror

Waiting for the fall.
Hours slip on by, and the curtain has it's call.
The audience never came, but the fat woman went home.
The box-office has tallied up all the receipts and we're a hundred years in the red.
I've heard their aspirations in the eyes.
I've felt the lust, I've seen them rise, 
I've seen them fall, I've seen them turn to dust.
But I've been waiting for so long for a shining star to fall.
But I'm just waiting… patiently.
I'm just waiting patiently for a friend and for the end.
I'd like to get out of here before the dawn, before the sun.
Can't I hop a bus. Or catch a train or hitch a ride with someone?
Let me go, please let me go, I've seen enough
And I just wanna… wait for the fall.
Waiting for those ashes to fall into their own collective places.
Waiting for those ashes to fall, and to form their own collective faces

How could you not like the most goonish hardcore vocals with Celtic Frost riffs
and Ian Curtis like singing parts. Paul Bearer is both legit scary and hilarious.


I was thinking of putting up the lyrics for 'Cruel Summer' by Bananarama but changed my mind despite its seasonal relevance.

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