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The Peacock: HallowMass Destruction part Seven

A Hidden location
Oct 31, 2041

"Cut. CUT!! Damn it!! How the hell do you sing your stupid brain dead songs in concert?" Jack O Lantern lifted up his Doctor Malfactorium mask and started to yell at the shivering and sobbing 'actress' before him.

Kidnapped pop star Jenera who was portraying Maria Finari, the outspoken and head strong 1950's Italian communist/actress from the second Doctor Malfactorium film, began to sob and shiver in fear. A long black wig covering her natural blonde hair and a cob web/blood spattered wedding dress covering her slim, elite frame.

"WAHHHHH!! OH PLEASE..I'm Sorry..I'm so nervous..I need a teleprompter...I never did a movie before…sob! Please don't hurt me!!"

"The film is valuable and is being processed as we speak to convert to digital broadcast. Timing is of the essence!" Director/actor Jack O' Lantern yelled.

Behind him the Candy Corn twins portrayed his nurse assistants. The two women hated nurses for obvious reasons but were willing to don the uniform of their hated tormentors to please the man they would willing give their lives for. Behind them the hired goons were manning the 35 mm camera, an antique, and various lights and prop devices. Further in the back the dailies were being developed on antique film processing equipment and then immediately transferred digitally to an editing board on a laptop. The goons had been trained for this from money from Jack O lanterns and the Candy Corn twins past capital acquitted from past capers. There was plenty of ways to
hide and amass money in the underground economy in the further declining America. Ridgefield and Hanover asylum inmates knew their money was in good hands in between incarcerations due to the many brokers both legit and not so legit.

"We are behind schedule! I'm getting mad and I need to take it out on someone! Its still the morning but this has to be done in the afternoon. If we don't make it, I'm killing everyone in here other than the Twins!" Jack O' Lantern roared.

The unwilling actors and goons all started sweating. Goons in Nefcon City either made out or ended up dead. Like most things it was a roll of the dice.

Jenera was crying and Carl stepped up to console her. He embraced her and let her bury her head into her shoulder.

"WAAHAHHHHHH.. I'm sorry..I'm afraid…I don't want to cause anyone to be harmed..I'm not an actress. I mean my music videos take along time
to film. That australian guy, the director he is always yelling at me..sob.." Jenera cried.

Carl now felt bad he had slapped her before. She was barely out of being a teenager and probably had no life since she was a show business kid, groomed to be a money maker for some manipulative domineering parents and a sleazy business manager. In the end Carl was a man, his current outfit not withstanding, and he needed to take care of and help this woman even if the odds of their survival was slim.

"It's okay, luv. Just relax. You didn't ask to be here. Normal directors are psychotic control freaks enough, but this guy is that on steroids." Carl consoled her and stroked her head, while glaring angrily at Jack O' Lantern and his female assassin bodyguards.

"Oh? Because I demand excellence for my art, I am psychotic?" Jack O' Lantern retorted. The Candy Corn twins were poised to strike. They did not like Carl.

'No, because you are a bloody wacko and a criminal with the stupidest gimmick I have yet seen!" Carl exploded. He was angry not only for his current situation but also all the trouble this man had brought down on the head of the man he loved.

"HoHo! I am surprised at the amount of spirit you have shown. Do you think you have what it takes to portray Antonina Gasparino, in all her defiant glory!?"

Jack O' Lantern was grinning like his namesake.

"Oh? A challenge!? I'll show you! Give me the script!" Carl came forward. His black hair covered in a blond wig and made up like a tart. He would show his considerable show business skill and years of improvised drag show experience.

Within ten minutes he was giving the performance of his life, just to spite the enemies that had him and Jenera in their control.

"AHHHHH!! Oh where is my beloved Marco to help me? Ohhhh…" The fainting was perfect.  Antonina was always in peril and
fainting left and right in the presence of horror and danger. Even Jenera was impressed. Jack O' Lantern had his hand on his mouth and was deep in thought.

"Nice. You are probably going to single handedly save this production! AHAHAHAHAH!! Let us proceed!!"

Carl inwardly laughed. He had better. He had watched the long deceased actresses performance nearly ten times in the last week thanks to
Matt and his rigorous study of the Doctor Malfactorium movie trilogy. Jack O' Lantern seemed pleased and this gave Carl some room to work with to think of a plan for escape or even sabotage. He didn't think those films were so stupid now.

"I'll say. Do your worst, Doctor Malfactorium! Marco will save me! You dastardly villain!"  Carl was really getting into the role.

Jenera started to chuckle. " are good. You are gay, right?"

Carl merely smiled in return. If he could get Jenera to calm down, he might even be able to turn the tables on these freaks. He leaned over to her and spoke softly.

"Maybe. But no time for that. The two other 'actors' we have are useless. They are dead meat.You need to act like a real spoiled and arrogant woman who hates and even sabotages the efforts to save her due to her single minded devotion to an ideology that is merely a platform for her own ego. Do you understand. Be a real entitled bitch who talks about everyone being equal but lives like the worst aristocrat."

"" Jenera looked puzzled.

", snobby people."

"Oh! Heh..yeah.." Jenera understood.

"Okay..ACTION!!" Jack O' Lantern

Nefcon City

"Is this really necessary?" Matt felt uncomfortable being carried by Mega Nurse Miru as they flew through the blue skies of a clear Halloween morning.

"Well, it is quicker than your bike and you weigh next to nothing so it is easy to carry you, even if you are larger then me. Don't worry, this is strictly professional." Miru smiled.

This was awkward but it really was for the best. Miru was able to cover more ground and they needed to stay together as communication between them was not efficient otherwise.

"So you said you have seen the movies, Jack O' Lantern is inspired by. Did he have a secret hide out in the film?" Miru asked.

"It changed every film but it always took place on hallowed ground, either a church yard or graveyard. Probably a reaction against the catholic mores in italian society, although the director became a staunch catholic later in life. Typical radical to reactionary evolution."

Miru Laughed. "Oh yeah, it takes someone too smart for their own good to be a liberal pussy and then life shows them otherwise."

The Peacock felt offended but kept it in. The dreadful woman would be a right winger, perfect for her authoritarian occupation.

"Maybe you will go in that direction too! Ever thing about that mister Peacock?" Miru smiled.

"What?! How do you know what I think about stuff like that? You have no idea what my political or social beliefs are!" Matt retorted.

"Oh I can tell. Especially the defensive way you responded. I mean I have to bring back all the Hanover girls due to my orders, but you are a free agent and
you never kill them. I can smell a left wing liberal do gooder from a mile away. My boss is one, though I love her to pieces."

"You know nothing about me!" Matt was getting nervous. How much did Miru know? Obviously she had no idea that he had no interest in women like her but that was yet another secret he had to keep. How ironic that what he was open about in public what he had to be hidden about in a shadow world of masks and subterfuge.

"You're new to this, Peacock. You have been active for only two years from when I first saw you on television. You will learn. I just hope
that you don't get killed before you start to grow up and realize the truth." Miru's voice took a serious turn.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Why can't we just focus on the mission at hand and forget the personal stuff, I mean in the end who are we to each other anyway?" Matt responded.

Miru did not respond right away. But when she did she responded almost with a sad voice.

"Who are we? We are the only superheroes in this world. Two heroes and thousands and thousands of villains. The comic books lied."

Matt pondered that profound insight. One he had thought about constantly on many dark nights.

"Yeah, they did.."

Immediately Miru changed her tone.

"Lets check out that abandoned church. It'll take a minute to sweep. I'll use my tachyon vision!"

Matt laughed at the irony. Batman was gay and Superman was a chick. Hadn't they done that in comics already? Yeah, back in 2025 just before the comic companies all went digital. But those had been gimmicks for sales. They were the real deal.

In A Hidden Location
Early afternoon

"How is the editing looking?"

"Well boss, I mean its not a full length film but where getting somewhere. We just need to film the death scenes of the major characters and all. All the pick up shots were done before." A more literate henchmen answered.

"Good. Good." Jack O' lantern rubbed his hands together as was his habit.

"But uh..well.." The henchmen mumbled nervously.

"Well? What." Jack O' Lantern looked annoyed.

"Well, I seems incomplete. The movies always had that inspector guy show up and save the day. I know this time you want Doctor Malfactorium to win, but."

"I know, there is no Inspector Marco character in this. Yet. Our man will show up soon..hahahahah!" Jack O' Lantern laughed evilly.

"Show up?" The henchman was confused.

Jack O' Lantern walked back to the set. "Okay, back to filming. Get ready girls, I need you to really get into your characters."

The Candy Corn twins remained expressionless. They both thought they looked silly in their slutty halloween nurse costumes unlike their very tasteful candy corn costumes.


"No! NO!!! You cannot kill me..NO..My life is for Italy and my life is for the workers!! You are an agent of the bourgeois! Trying to stop the march of the international! No..No! Mussolini could not stop me, you will not either. My life is for the struggle. You can never kill the revolution!!! I die for socialism!"

Jenera seemed to almost be possessed by the character of Maria Finari. She writhed defiantly in her bonds, attached to a horrible torture contraption that slowly ground up its victim.

Jack O' lantern was smiling under his Doctor Malfactorium mask. This was going great. The little singing idiot had somehow turned around and began acting for all it was worth. It looks like that drag queen had brought out the best in her. What a shame they both had to die shortly!

Jenera then turned her head away and closed her eyes, ready for her fate. In the actual film the actress had put on a speech and then became totally craven and begged for her life at the end. This was a controversy in Italy for decades as the director seemed to be a leftist but apparently eschewed marxism. He of course argued at the time that it was aimed at fake 'cafe marxists' as he said it, but years later said he had unconsciously meant it. He had become quite a traditionalist catholic at the end. Those crazy Italians..

"Cut! Excellent! Excellent!"

Jenera smiled and had momentarily forgotten that she was in mortal danger.

"Wow..I can't believe I pronounced that italian guys name right! Those names are tricky..heh.."Jenera exclaimed in reference to the
historical figure who lead the Fascista in the first half of the 20th century.

Carl aka Antonina was tied to a combination rack/iron maiden. He gave Jenera a smile to show support and approval. She really had talent within her, totally wasted by the low culture music of top 40 garbage.

"Okay, for your little performance. Do you think you can match the dumb blonde?" Jack O' Lantern sneered.

"I can be as dumb as they come, mate!" Carl snapped back. "Let see if you can handle this.."


Carl cleared his throat and closed his eyes. He was already into the character of gutsy but way out of her league amateur investigator (but professional damsel in distress) Antonina Gasparino. Focus.


Carl was screaming at the top of his voice and affecting as feminine a register as was possible. Vainly struggling on the rack, it was the pure old school helpless heroine waiting for the hero bit. Quite refreshing in this day and age as every action hero in the movies were now almost entirely women.

"Yes! Yes! This is great!" Jack O'Lantern was thrilled beyond belief. This performance brought out the diabolical spirit of Doctor Malfactorium!"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Foolish woman! There is no chance for you..pretty young thing. The only difference between you and the rotting masses in the nearby cemetery is that they have already made the crossing you are yet to make! Consider me your Ferryman on the River Styx of this unworthy and pitiless world!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!"

Damn. He was pretty good, Carl had to admit. He must have watched those movies a thousand times. He had every nuance and inflection and gesture down pat.

Also to be fair he had a lot of experience to draw on being an escaped disfigured criminally insane genius mastermind himself.

The Candy Corn twins did their acting bit. They put their hands defiantly in the air..and said nothing.

It was Carl's turn again.

"NOOOO!!! You maniac, Marco will stop you. Ohhh!! Please, PLEASE someone save me! Oh Holy Father Please!! Oh Holy Virgin Mother! SAVE ME!!
WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Oh won't someone save me, sob!"

Carl could not believe that he was going all out as that annoying damsel in distress character in the movies. Well he was probably going to die anyway. might as well go 100%. Then again Jack O' Lantern seemed pleased and that might buy him and Jenera some time. To say he was infusing his own fear into the performance was a quite accurate assessment.


"Cut! Cut! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Perfect. Perfect! You will be the last to die. You should be honored although you might have a chance if your precious 'Marco' can save you!" Jack O' Lantern hinted.

Carl looked over and had to turn his head to get the rather itchy blonde locks of his wig off his nose.

"Well, I have yet to see the actor portraying Inspector Marco so either you are playing game with me..or."

He then looked over at Chief Wagner who was strapped into a chair with many tiny drills waiting to finish him off in a quite grisly manner.

Carl's eyes widened. He then turned to Jack O' Lantern again.

"That Fat loud mouthed fuck is not Marco is he?!"

"MGPHHHHHHHH!!" Chief Wagner grunted. That little bastard boyfriend of Matt Donahue! Wagner had to publicly worship gays and lesbians to make any headway in the progressive hierarchy of Nefcon City. Progressive or not he was still a fat white male aka 'a white guy' and the antipathy in society to 'white guys' was now overt unless maybe one was in lockstep with the prevailing zeitgeist of ethnomasochism. But he still hated that little bastard if only for the nasty looks he gave him all the time. What did he ever do to him?

"Oh, no heavens no. How could this quivering idiotic mass of blubber be the hero, Inspector Marco? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!"

"MGPHHHHHHH!!!!!" Chief Wagner was going to get that squashed head bastard if it was the last thing he ever did. At least after he dealt with the Peacock And the little faggot!! Oops..that was going too far. Even facing death he still wondered if any one had heard his faux paus. He had been trained well. Oh yeah he was gagged. Whew! No one would ever know he had used the dreaded 'F' word.

"Well I do hope my darling hero arrives to save my ass. I really don't feel like dying today. You know "Jack" you really have ruined my plans tonight." Carl said his annoyance undermining the seeming danger he was in.

"Oh, Have I? Well, after your great performance tonight I must say you have my apology but to be honest, A lot of people's plans are going to be ruined tonight. After this film is finished Halloween is going to end with a Bang! New Years might as well as start now, after tonight Nefcon City will NEVER be the same again. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!"

Jack O' Lantern laughed maniacally. Everyone on the set and in the back had chills go up their spine, except of course for the Candy Corn Twins who began to join in.


The roof exploded as a blast of energy shook the hidden location, a vast underground vault under the Olde  Nefcon Cemetery.

The Henchmen and crew scattered as the helpless actors tied to their devices shuddered from the force.

Jack O' Lantern and the Candy Corn Twins turned to face the their new guests.

Mega Nurse Miru floated down through the hole she made with a tachyon blast with the Peacock in her other arm.

Carl looked at his salvation! He always came through! Always! Many feelings rose within him.

Oh, the Mega bitch was with him. Oh well, right now he was Miru fan. Wait, was she? Slapping his butt!?


Matt was shocked.

"YOU!!" Carl strained on the rack angrily.

"Go get em 'Cock',heh." Miru laughed.

Matt turned with an angry look but only for a moment. Without Miru he probably would never have found Jack O' Lantern. This was her version of flirting. More important concerns were on the table.

"Well, well. Your beloved Marco has come to rescue you, dear Antonina! AHAHAHAHA!!!"

Another shock. Matt stiffened. He knew..his secret was known to Jack O' Lantern. Oh God..

Feelings of both panic and anger shot into him.
Just when he felt as if his prayers were answered another blow to the crusade of the Peacock. How, how could he have figured it out!?

Carl also stared with a shocked look. He was also wondering if Jack O' Lantern knew of their secret relationship and thus the
Peacock's secret identity.

The Candy Corn twins faced the duo with their blades in the ready. They seemed slightly hesitant. Even they knew they could not take
least conventionally.

"Well, well, well..the Cavity twins, Yella and Carrot top. You know you ladies were scheduled for a ton of special therapy before you escaped, you didn't run out to avoid the new electro reflexology did you?" Miru smiled sadistically.

The normally expressionless Candy Corn Twins seemed to look slightly nervous but only for a brief moment. The killing countenance soon returned. They got their blades ready.

Miru got ready. She was not entirely immune to sharp objects, it was the energy that protected her so she could not take them lightly but their defeat was most likely a foregone conclusion.

"Oh Miru! Before you start to wallop on my loyal and lovely but overmatched amazons maybe you should look at the TV screen!" Jack O' Lantern gloated.

Miru looked at the screen and saw the center of Nefcon City and its annual Halloween celebration almost ready to start as soon as the sun went down.

"Uh, yeah. Its the Halloween celebration, big whoop?"

"Look at all those lovely, lovely Pumpkins. Hundreds, nay thousands! Ready for tonight! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!"

Miru looked at the Peacock with an annoyed look. "We'll stop by Ridgefield first  and dump him there on the way back to Hanover." Jack O'Lantern was a diabolical genius but not a great fighter and would be less of a fight than the CC twins. Miru had walloped plenty of Ridgefield villains. Men, Women, Other..all were punching bags for Miru's fists.

"Surrender Jack O' Lantern! Its over! You failed. If you give up peacefully maybe I won't beat the hell out of you like last time!" Peacock snarled.

"Oh No, the camera's are still running my friend. The main star of this movie has arrived!"

Both Miru and Peacock had a puzzled look.

"The Crimes of Doctor Malfactorium starring The Peacock!" Jack O Lantern shouted at the top of his lungs.

"MGPHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Chief Wagner was also trying to shout at the top of his lungs. His eyes filled with hate at the sight of the blasted
vigilante trouble maker the Peacock. That fact he was there to rescue them was seemingly irrelevant.

"Alright enough of this crap time to drag you all back to the nut house." Miru's fists began to glow.

"The Pumpkins! Miru! Look at the Pumpkins!" Jack O' Lantern pointed excitedly at the TV Screen.

"Yeah so what, I see a Pumpkin right in front of me. Its talking and I wanted to punch its face in!" Miru chuckled.

" Miru our little science experiment." A Pumpkin was rolled out by some of the goons.

"Watch this." Jack O' Lantern pulled out a device. Pointing it at the Pumpkin he pressed a button on the handle.



The loud explosion reverberated through the vault. Smoke rose from where the Pumpkin sat, its innards and seeds all over the wall and on some of the actors still fastened to the torture devices.

"Ach!! Oh ..Bloody hell..get this off me.." Carl caught the brunt of the pumpkin slop.

Matt looked at Carl and was filled with a desire to call out to him and free him immediately. He was safe other than the gourd gore but for how long with this maniac who had somehow booby trapped Pumpkins possibly throughout the whole city. No, he had to keep his emotions hidden. Carl understood.

"Now look at the screen again, Miru." Jack O' Lantern grinned. She understood.

"I have to stop all these Pumpkin time bombs!" Miru turned to the Peacock.

"You know this was the plan all along to deal with you, right?" The Peacock gritted his teeth.

"Yeah, I know." Miru's mouth was a perfect straight line.

"You didn't think I knew you would show up, Mega Nurse Miru!?" Jack O' Lantern snarled. "Tormenting my poor girls, well this is how we negate all your vaunted power! Even if you save most of the city,  you can't save them all. Now away with you! or I set them all off now!"

Miru got angry but had to back off. For now.

She flew up and out to try and figure out a plan but the Peacock was alone. She should be concerned for the city but in truth Hanover was more her concern…and Rainbow boy. And the CC twins.

"Damn. Think girl..think!"

The Peacock was now alone and surrounded by both the Candy Corn twins and about ten henchmen.

"You sick fiend, you are not going to get away with this. Before Halloween is over you will be defeated like before." Matt knuckled up.

"Hey boss, let me pop one of the hostages. That will make bird boy think twice about fighting us." Lou Manello whipped out his gun and pointed at Carl's head.

Carl gritted his teeth. He was being used against Matt and it was tearing his heart out.

"No..what is the point of that? You fool. We are still filming a movie,after all!  The main star is before you! The film editing is done. Now we go digitally!"

The CC twins and the henchmen all put on small sport motion cameras on their chests clipped on with an elastic band.

"Get ready to broadcast!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the Vengeance of Doctor Malfactorium!! He will succeed where Jack O' Lantern failed!! AHAHAHAHAH!!"

Jack O' Lantern slipped on his Dr Malfactorium mask.

Once again the Peacock was alone. What else was new.

Jack O ' Lantern was ever more insane if that was possible. On the plus side, there was no mention of his identity. Carl's apprehension really was
an ironic if demented coincidence.


All that mattered now was saving Carl. No matter what. That meant LETHAL force if necessary.
Nothing else mattered. Not the ungrateful city. Not Wagner or that dumb singer. Not anything.

"ACTION!!" Jack O' Lantern screamed.

"You want action, boys and girls?!" The Peacock smiled. "You got it!"

The Peacock: HallowMass Destruction part Seven
Setting up the explosive finale. I was actually thinking this would be hilarious if this was an actual animated show and very, very controversial in different ways. There is a lot going on and enough to piss off nearly every one. Good.

One more chapter to go!

The comic books lied..

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
What Should Have Been


We should have been together

Married with little ones running around

a Garden in the back with trees to give shade

to the stone bench

and the pond with Koi

A room for your fish tanks

one for my silly attempts at creativity

home with our daughters or sons

protecting and guiding

As I would when I arrived home

Showing them how to think for themselves

even if they drew a different conclusion

Seeing themselves as heirs to a great civilization

Living in a cohesive community to counter

The Lockean Shopping Mall


We should have learned from the catastrophes of our past wars

The suffering and upheaval that opened the Gate

For anti-life energy to dominate every fibre

A Republic backing off from the World*

Letting the levellers level themselves into oblivion

Letting the followers of the Prophet alone and away from us

Not selling out every tradition for an extra buck

Piety or No

Respect and Tolerance

Not switching Repression

or forcing to endure Blasphemies

Standards are there for a Reason

Exceptions being thus so

Not a latest market to exploit

Understanding that not all are Equal

That not all is Comfort

or Safety

That life is a Struggle

Punctuated by moments of fleeting bliss or peace

And that the End comes for all

With finality to have a meaning


What foolish thoughts

What a waste of musing

As if the stumbling children of wrath could be different

Fulfilling the role for the universe

of what to avoid

Wash it away, Lord

Destiny is real

No pursuit of happiness

Dark cold barren woods of humanity

where the hooded ones travel on a lonely road

masked to avoid the outbreak

of pestilence riding on the wind

With something sharp in one gloved hand

and the book of our Father in the other

Hearing the howls of those transformed and far away, thirsting for blood

Forts to keep at bay

or to hide in darkness wrapped in wool

Exit Humanity, as if we would get off that easy, Enter the Old Ones**


Silly, Melodramatic

Is the expectation that this is not the Way

Sublimating fears and misery

to be rid of it

As to the extent one can

There is ale to drink

There is the starry night

The blue sky

The Seasons

Music and Books, gateways to higher planes of experience

There are fellow Wanderers and there are Mysteries

Maybe we can still unite, Woman (even if She is long gone)

Let us fill in the other's weakness

Before the sun sets on us forever

What Never Could Have Been
What Should Have Been, What Never Could Have Been
*Yeah I know, Republics never really work..that is the point of this.

** Exit Humanity, one of the best zombie films of recent times.

Enter the Old Ones =an Evolean metaphor?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
THE PEACOCK: HallowMass Destruction part six

In a Hidden Location
October 30, 2041

"Uhhh..oh what in bloody head is killing me..urgh."

Carl Bennington was in a dark place and holding his aching head. He had not been struck but rather injected with something which was just now
wearing off. Something powerful.

He went to grab his head, but his hands were tied together.

"Oh, this is not good. This isn't fun time with Matt. Oh yeah, I got snatched up…two strange women."

Carl finally linked his groggy thoughts together into a coherence that brought terror rather than understanding. The Candy Corn twins. Their name sounded ridiculous
but the two psychopathic women where in the upper echelon of the Peacock's enemies in terms of fighting skill. Their mastermind and guider of their deadly abilities was the Sinister Squash himself.
The October Man, the Jack O' Lantern.

All of a sudden the sound of a switch being pulled and the hum of powerful work lights came on, illuminating the darkness. Carl was in some dank and abandoned boiler room
with rusty pipes and small six legged things crawling into the shadows. Water was dripping and the sound seemed to be amplified by the stark and cavernous like confines of
this makeshift prison.

"So how is the paramour of Nefcon's city's richest man doing?" A sneering voice emerged from the dark shadow beyond the lights that made Carl quite visible but not the reverse.

Carl could not think of a witty retort immediately. He had an odd combination of annoyance and fear but knew that no matter what, he had to stay in control of himself. This was not the first time
he had faced the danger of one of Matt's rogue gallery.

"So I am to star in your latest Magnum Opus? I always wanted to be in movies but not quite this way.." Carl remarked snidely. He had an edge. This Pumpkin headed maniac had no idea
that Matt Donahue was the Peacock and that they had been studying the films he was attempting to reinterpret.

"Well, I will insure that this will be one film that will not be forgotten for quite a while. Your debut will be as auspicious as it will also be your final bow. You shall survive for eternity,
on celluloid!"

"Uh, you mean digitally right?" Carl was trying to fence a bit verbally to get a gauge of his captor. The technical aspects were quite beside the point.

"Oh no, this will be on film! Real film, of course broadcast digitally. I have acquired the stock! A devil of time, maybe even harder than kidnapping you all!"

Carl could now see the madman laughing maniacally as he stepped out of the shadow. His face was not just a human face grotesquely shaped into something that looked like a Pumpkin, it was
a Pumpkin! As if it was animated with an anthropomorphic force. A supernatural force.

Carl shuddered for a moment.

"Oh yes, my pretty one. It is NOT a mask I assure you. They tried in Ridgefield to remove it the first time I was sent there and they nearly killed me! The Fools!"

"Why did you pick me for your little grade Z disaster in the making?" Carl humphed. Sarcasm was his main weapon, although quite useless when it really mattered. Unless he could
make his opponent lose a step..

"There are many reasons that would mean nothing to you? You fit the profile of a character in the films I am honoring in my homage. Different enough but similar in the ways that matter."

"Oh what films are those?" Carl smiled inwardly. What he knew he had to keep secret for now. He needed an edge, any edge to possibly survive this until Matt rescued him.

"Enough! They would mean little to someone of your vaunted status I'm sure!" Jack O' Lantern now sounded angry. "I have seen you and your boyfriend walking around Ridgefield. Feeling
oh so sorry for us 'tormented souls'! Matt Donahue feels he is doing us all a service, but we are still prisoners in a madhouse of evil!! You call us freaks and criminals! The things they do in there
are worse than anything we have done, but your kind would never understand that! The wealthy and rich, the chosen and the privileged! The beautiful! Lock away all those who don't fit into your world
of perfection! Whether in ghettos or prisons or asylums!! But there are more of us than you! Our time will come!!!"

Pumpkin Boy was going off the deep end. Time to stop with the witty retorts for now.

Two figures walking in unison emerged now from the shadows. The Candy Corn Twins. Scarier than Jack O' Lantern with their pale, almost doll like faces. With those black eyes..

"Enough, take our co starring 'diva' and get him ready with the other one. I do hope she has stopped crying finally?" Jack O' Lantern seemed to have calm down from his 'pumpkin populism'.

"She never.." Orange started.

"Stops." Yellow finished.

"Well maybe, 'mister sister' here will console her. Talk about girls stuff and all. ha!"

Carl really wanted at least one good shot at mister pumpkin head. One Punch before Matt was through with him. Well he did break his hand last time with the Roach. Maybe a palm strike instead.

Carl felt himself effortlessly brought to his feet and then dragged down into a dark corridor. These two women were taller and stronger than him individually so resistance was not in the cards.

He guessed that top 40 and IQ 65 pop star Jenera and him were about to become acquainted.

Downtown Nefcon

The Green Clam bar


The Peacock was now slapping up a third off duty henchmen in front of a whole bar of some of the meanest and toughest men in Nefcon City. The combined rap sheet and prison time in this establishment could stretch out from the California coast to Hawaii.
Yet no one made a move. They were all scared to death of the figure of vengeance who they had all faced at one point or another and who had beat the living hell out of them. Not only was it the Peacock but he seemed even more driven and almost insane in his ferocity.

"Where is he!? I know you know!! Answer me!" Matt literally had a two hundred plus scar faced goon lifted off of his feet, nearly in tears.

"I swear, I dunno..I dunno, man. Come on, please!!"

"You're lying to me!" Matt threw the large man onto an occupied table, smashing it and causing the seated patrons to stand up and back away. No one helped the moaning human projectile.

"None of you are leaving here until someone tells me where Jack O' Lantern is!!!" Matt growled. The bartender, himself a career criminal was contemplating calling the cops ! He had the shotgun under the bartop but dared not even look at the thing. Hopefully this maniac would leave.

Finally one young loudmouth, just out of a two year bid stood up defiantly.

"Man, fuck this guy! There are like a hundred of us in here! We could take him if we all rush em! Come on, man!" The young man looked around for any support but saw nothing but turned heads and gestures to shut his fool mouth.

He turned to see the Peacock walking towards him like that killer robot in that old movie starring the now deceased foreign born former governor of the dysfunctional state they called home.

The punk was sweating. So this is what it felt like when he mugged and robbed people on the bus and subway. No one helping the victim, or standing up or uniting to help. Everyone just looking away. Oh god! He could not go out like this! He had to pull it!! Yeah, pop this fool and he could be forever known as the guy who took out the Peacock! Oh Hell yeah!!

He went for his gun, a cheaply made 9mm and immediately the surrounding patrons dove for the ground.

"Yeah, Bitch, I gotchu nigga!!" The very white punk shouted as he pointed the barrel at the Peacock.


The gun fell into two pieces on the floor. Had the cheap piece of shit fallen apart? Ahh shit.

He then noticed a large and razor sharp Peacock feather..sticking through his hand.

"AHHH!!!!!!!" The splurging sound of the blood soon was soon covered by the sound of the punks face getting struck with powerful  enhanced slaps of the Peacocks sap gloves.

Matt started to seriously pound this kid. Good! If he killed him he would be doing the city a favor! Who cares what happened to this lumpenprole waste of space!

Now he was using the terminology of the Black Ram, his hated rival. What was he becoming?

In the back of his mind the voice of Gavin Bennington spoke to him.

"In your conduct as a man you cannot just be the reverse of a criminal, master Donahue. You must be like a soldier, a true warrior. A professional but not in the monetary sense of the word. A warrior. You are the link to thousands of years of ordered masculinity. Control. Barbarian or Civilized, its what separates you from the others. Its what puts you above. Reaching higher than this rock to  something transcendent."

This was accomplishing nothing. He was merely taking out his feelings of having no control and fear for the safety of his lover out on these men. He had no illusions about these men and would probably be knocking the hell out of them at some later date but none of this was going to help him save Carl and stop the madman known as Jack O' Lantern.

Think you idiot. Use your mind, you know Jack O Lantern is hiding somewhere in this city. That is how you are going to find Carl.

Matt dropped the unconscious young punk and walked out of the bar without another word or even a backwards glance. No one dared tried to stop him or even utter a word.

Time to get on the Bike and go through his notes on his digital pad. Narrowing down where they could be. There was that old abandoned film studio just outside of town. Also a number of abandoned Catholic churches.

"Well, well. I am seeing you more and more on my excursions. A pleasant surprise to be sure."

Matt hit the ground  with a roll and emerged with both of his OC guns pointed at the source of the voice that had surprised him. Someone had gotten the drop on him! His divided attention and loss of control was causing him to slip more and more.

It was a woman. From the Hanover Institution for the Criminally Insane.

But not one of his many female opponents locked up there.


The tall auburn haired metahuman security nurse of the infamous asylum stood before him in her typical pose. Arms folded and smiling. Her eurasian features and striking blue eyes with that orange glow.

He was both relieved and annoyed. Miru was heavy artillery that was always welcome and she was attractive even to Matt, he had to admit. A tomboy to be sure, but it was quite obvious that she seemed to really 'like' Matt, er, the Peacock. She obviously had no idea.

What annoyed him was that she always felt like he needed her help. But in truth he often did.

"Hey, handsome. Don't you ever take a break?" Miru smiled. "You always seem to be in the middle of some case with these Masked psychos."

Oh man, Carl was right. She was now trying to be more direct. Maybe her friends, those ragtag but tough security nurses were giving her dating tips.

"No I never take a break. Crime never does, so why should I?" Matt responded almost defiantly.

"Whoah, whats the matter. You seem angry?" Miru had a look of concern on her face. Matt had never seen the rather gruff woman soften like this.

"I'm dealing with Jack O' Lantern and his latest plot. It's going alright, I have this under control. No need for your help this time."

Miru was quiet.

"Uh..not that it is not appreciated Miru."  Matt started feeling like a spoiled rich brat in his petulance and it made him sick. Miru was a good and heroic woman and had saved him and the city many times over.

"Well, sorry to butt into your crime fighting but as you know, his two henchwomen escaped my Institution and I am bringing them back regardless. There is going to be overlap whether you want my help or not. The only question is how seamless will this collaboration be ?" Miru was firm but she ended with a smile, as if she could not hold it back for long.

She was looking into Matt's eyes and then she played with her hair. The universal sign of attraction.


After a moment, Matt looked down and closed his eyes. Carl's life was at stake as was the fate of the city. To not accept her help was not only foolish but she was obligated to retrieve the Candy Corn twins by law. Also she was being nice to him and good manners dictated his reciprocity. For a moment he even tried to imagine what Miru's life was like and a honest analysis was that the two of them were probably
more like each other than anyone else.

They were the only two 'superheroes' in the city, maybe even in the country. If they talked they would probably be surprised to see how much they had in common. Alas the gender divide of his orientation was an unbridgeable gap. The thought of being friends was also unrealistic, he had an identity to protect.

Miru broke the silence again with her military like manner.

"Okay, Peacock, we got any leads on these maniacs? You have a city to save and I have two patients to return to Hanover."

Matt looked up and smiled. "I always have a lead."

In A Hidden Location.


Carl was amazed how Jenera did not stop even after a ten straight minutes of freaking the hell out. He wanted to slap her but his hands were tied as were hers. She had to tire out at some point. Before Carl been thrown into this dark room with her she was silent enough other than some whimpering.

It was as if she was performing because she had an audience, even if it was an audience of one.

She finally seemed to stop and the closed her eyes and started whimpering softly again.

"You okay now?" Carl asked. He had to try and calm this young woman down so he could formulate a plan of some sort.

"Mmmm…We are going to die here…ahhhhhh..sob!"

"Well if we can try and work together, maybe we can figure out a way to get out of here." Carl started to  fiddle with the bindings on his wrists.

"Oh no, if we get them mad they will definitely do something horrible to us! OH GOD,,AHHHHHHHHH!!! I CANT DIE BEFORE MY NEW ALBUM COMES OUT!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"Oh for the love of..STOP IT!!! You Bloody stupid cow!!!" Carl turned his back completely to slap her with his hands bound behind his back.


Jenera looked on in shock with her big brown eyes.

"You…you hit me?!"

"Yeah, I did. Your being hysterical and thats not going to help us out of this situation. I mean I didn't hit you that hard.."

"You're not allowed to hit me!! I AM A WOMAN!! Do You KNOW WHO I AM!!!? My Song is FUCKING number ONE IN THE COUNTRY…you ASSHOLE!!!!"

Carl closed his eyes. They were doomed.

"You know what, I'm done with you. I'll sort myself out, thank you very much."

Jenera then all of a sudden quieted down and had an expression as if she was thinking or more accurately trying to think about something.

"Wow, are you from England? I love your accent!" Now she was smiling.

"No, I'm from Youngstown, Ohio.." Once again the sarcasm was the default.

"Really? Thats weird, you don't sound like someone from Ohio…"

"And what does someone from Ohio sound like then?" Carl really needed to stop talking to this silly woman. She was like an IQ black hole, drawing his brain cells out into a vortex of nothingness.

"Heh..You know, are really cute, you know that?" Jenera attempted to play with a lock of her fake blond hair but was stopped by her hands being tied behind her back. This did not stop her from letting out an awkward laugh and then a coy smile.

Carl was speechless for once.

Immediately the awkward silence was broken by the sound of the door to their makeshift cell being unlocked.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Jenera now screamed in terror again. "AHHHHHH! NOOO!!"

The Candy Corn twins entered the cell with some Pumpkin costume clad henchmen behind them. Orange and Yellow both held items in each of their hands.

"Time for you both…" Yellow start.

" change into these." Orange finished.

The two psychotic amazons threw the items onto the floor. Jenera stared at them eyes wide in terror. Carl also looked at them.

There were two dresses.

"Now!" Orange and Yellow said in unison.

Jenera looked down at the garments and then looked at Carl. She had that look again on her face like she was thinking and then had an odd expression. She then looked at Carl and then the Candy Corn twins again. She started to laugh.

"Haha!! You know..that is like weird.. I mean..He is a Boy!! you know? I think you a mistake! Hello?"

Looks like Carl was in for some involuntary drag. Would the ninja goth girls and their neanderthals even have a clue how to do a proper job?

The goons  came over and started to roughly undo the bindings on their wrist. "No funny stuff, pretty boy!" Louie Manello snarled.

"I wouldn't dare!" Carl smiled.  Jenera still looked in shock.

"You is not a girl, right?"

The Candy Corn twins returned with what looked like wigs and makeup accessories.

"We have.." Yellow started.

" time." Orange finished.

The two women descended onto Carl and Jenera as the Goons stripped them and then forced them into the dresses.

"This is weird..this is REALLY WEIRD.." Jenera kept repeating over and over.

"I'll say..maroon is so not my color.." Carl said with annoyance.

In the main room above, Jack O Lantern  rubbed his hands together and laughed maniacally. Soon the show would begin. A great revenge and artistic statement but the big bang of the night would happen after the broadcast. All the research he contracted out, even when incarcerated in the Ridgefield Asylum had payed off. The formula to turn the great North American squash into  highly explosive material
had been a success. Nefcon City had one of the biggest Halloween celebrations in the country and Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns were everywhere. Public land and buildings, private homes. Even Harvest motifs and those looking towards Thanksgiving had them as decorations as well as fresh Pies for the feast that would never come. There would be no Thanksgiving or infernal Black Friday.

Not for Nefcon City.

To Be Continued
The Peacock: HallowMass Destruction part Six
Lots of fun and chicks hitting on gay guys. Never forget there are not alot of men as compare to women in this near future AGC timeline. Still my Black Ram alter ego still cannot get a girl, lol!

Put LGBT on the tag just for curiosity sake. Recently I seem to have a lot of views on some of the fiction like the last chapters of Rights of Women and Fencemen. Interesting.


United States
Current Residence: the declining Northeast USA
Favourite genre of music: Black metal, classic metal, Italian horror music prog rock, classic disco and rap.
Favourite style of art: Drawings..
Operating System: Out of date
Personal Quote: Not ANOTHER stupid white guy commercial!?!!?
Halloween is over but Autumn continues. Winter beckons. This year has made my outlook darker than I could ever have imagined but its time to fight through the Wasteland. 

Had fun with some photo concepts of what I hope are future short horror films. My old video camera has a crappy battery so I just took still shots (thanks to one of my friends for helping with Shapes in The Shadows). I was surprised at how some of them came out.

Some of the possible short movie ideas with a philosophical bent. I put these for organization purposes only, who knows when you might see one of these on Youtube. I may have to get a girlfriend just so I can put her in these movies, who the heck wants to just see guys ?(don't answer that!).
Maybe that silly reason will bolster the incentive of what I have given up on two years ago.

Keeping the descriptions vague so no one rips off the ideas even though how many horror ideas
are really original? Many will be in black and white or distorted and silent or with little dialogue.
Aesthetic choice or cheating because of deficiencies? Who cares..

Shapes In the Shadows

The new dark age requires old remedies, but reworked for the present. 
Predators, whether from earth or beyond, bring us back to our roots.

The Tide

Is the end of modernity really such a disaster? Giant monster movie fun!


The mistake called man must be corrected, but does that mean extinction?


Humans use anything as weapons, anything. Who are the real zombies?

100 Years in The Red (Found footage)

A few minutes that have been found and remastered of the 1924 horror/fantasy anti-classic.
Definitely need two females for this.
100 Years in The Red (1924) Movie Poster by single-leg


Embracing damnation to fight damnation, the ultimate sacrifice. The heroic villains of the Vampire state!

I will get back to comics I swear, and of course fiction will continue including a horror story(The Asylum on the Cliff) with no connection to the AGC world using Photos with the chapter. I may do one of these ideas a year at this rate who knows..once again..who cares anymore?

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