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L'asile Des Vampires part Five

Dieppe, Normandy

Baudelaire Clinic for Mental Disorders

"Now then, let us do our usual routine and have some of you speak on whatever is on your mind and what you feel you have accomplished this week."

Dr Rollin sat in on a group therapy session for the female patients in section F5. This included the newly admitted and quite troublesome
'vampire sisters'. Penelope had been committed by her sister, Margaret, who then had been stricken by the same delusion shortly after and now the two shared nearby rooms. Both women sat quietly in their chairs, their long hair loose and in smocks and slippers. Quite different from the expensive and fashionable women who had walked through the clinic's gate a month ago. Still, unlike many of the other women patients, they seemed to not mind it and seem more bemused then anything.

Dr Rollin had been quite attracted to Margaret. Penelope was also quite a beauty, so there was a degree of slightly unprofessional sentiments on his part for both women. Still the possibility that a closer relationship could ever develop was out of the question until the delusions had been cured.

"I demand to be let out of here! I am the rightful heiress to the the throne of France!" A blonde and quite angry patient folded her arms, her bare legs crossed and slippers dangling from her feet.

"Ah, Solange Well I am quite sorry but it has been more than a century and a half since we had a monarchy. We are a republic now as I keep telling you. Still, there is a place for you, my highness. You now have more possibilities and potential now then you had in the late 18th century to be whatever you want to be." Dr Rollin smiled.

The blonde patient's blue eyes widened and she scrunched her noise in disdain.

"Yes, and I want to be the Queen of France!" She snarled. "And my name is Marie!"

The actual Marie, roommate of Margaret when she was not in isolation, shuddered at Solange's angry outburst. The hip artistic city girl seemed a bit pale and out of it, but she looked over at Margaret with looks of lust and awe.

Penelope chuckled. This woman was obviously mad..err..deluded. Margaret was teaching her the correct terms for the times, as sensibilities had to be respected. Penelope had seen and talked with the real Marie Antoinette and this woman was obviously not her.

"Mother, please." Margaret spoke mind to mind.

"Oh, its just so funny that so many of these women claim to be historical figures who we have all crossed paths with at some point." Penelope responded.

"Ah, Jeanette. How about you?" Dr Rollin motioned to a tanned and dark haired patient who was more relaxed.

"Doctor, I told you my name is Cleopatra. I may be in another time but please respect me enough to call me by my true name."

Penelope now chuckled again and had to cover her mouth with her hand as her 'sister' bumped her slightly with her elbow.


"I can tell the differences in the minds of the ages, these women do not think like ancient or even people from a century ago. These two were modern and ambitious women who's minds snapped from living fast paced and privileged lives." Penelope lectured. "Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you."

"Oh, and are we a doctor of psychology now?" Margaret responded psychically. "You are exposed to some things and then you are an expert all of a sudden."

"Well I met Cleopatra and you did not, so." Penelope folded her arms, turning away from Margaret's critique.

"Well..err..Cleopatra, you keep looking out the window to the coast. Who are you looking for?" Dr Rollin asked with a serious look of inquiry on his face.

"Why my beloved Marc Antony! He will rescue me from this place, like he did all those years ago!" Jeannette responded with a happy expression, clasping her hands together.

"Oh, dear. You know that he could not save you and you both committed suicide. You let an Asp bite you rather than bow to Octavian." Penelope could no longer contain herself.

Margaret covered her eyes with her hands.

Jeanette had a look of shock on her face. "How do you know this? Are you a seer sent from the past?"

"Now Penelope, it is not yet your turn to speak. Please let us go in order." Dr Rollin gently admonished.

"Sorry, Doctor." Penelope smiled graciously. "You know I have met all these people in my three thousand year lifespan and its hard to hear obviously deluded people claim to be them."

"Of course, Penelope, of course." Dr Rollin smiled but made eye contact with nurse Brigitte who waited by the door with her arms folded and ready for action. Who knew when Penelope would lose control again.

After a few more patients, the group circle got closer to Penelope and Margaret. But first, Marie, Margaret's roommate and favorite blood donor was up.

"Marie, how about yourself?" Dr Rollin asked.

"huh..wha..oh, I am sorry. I was just thinking of how beautiful Margaret is..isn't she like a goddess?" Marie smiled and started to twirl her black hair and then blew a kiss to her roomate.

Penelope smiled, while Margaret cringed slightly.

"So this is one of the mortals you drink from she is beautiful if a bit…silly." Penelope spoke in mind speak.

"Mother, she is one of those who becomes an addict to the kisses..I should never have fed on my roommate!" Margaret said in exasperation.

Dr Rollin tried to get her back on track. "Yes, Margaret is quite beautiful, Marie. But we are talking about you. Do you feel like maybe you are getting closer to your goals?" Dr Rollin then noticed how pale she was and looked at Brigitte who also had a look of concern.

Margaret could not believe it! Dr Rollin had said she was beautiful! Of course she knew this but for him to say it aloud meant everything
to her.

"Goal, goal is to live with Margaret, forever..hahahahahahah." Marie laughed almost maniacally and had a vacant look in her eyes.

"Oh my, Margaret. Do not drink her blood anymore." Penelope advised in mindspeak, as her face took on a concerned expression.

Dr Rollin motioned to Brigitte who left the room. He then turned to Penelope and Margaret.

"Penelope, how about yourself?"

"Oh, well I had a very good week I think. I was only restrained once on monday and I think i really like what you said about my unfortunate miscarriage. That being a vampire does not erase your human past completely and that would explain why so many of my dreams take place in my home city state. I thought of things like that in terms of becoming a dark creature negated my mortal life when in a way it was just altered. But of course back then no one thought like that, if you were human and then a vampire you were some different being, like a demi god. But now I see that in many ways we are just…altered humans."

Dr Rollin smiled, his talk therapy was reaching Penelope.

Marie began to stare at Margaret now with intense eyes and she started to whisper and squeal softly in delight.

"Bloody, bloody, bloody kiss..I want to drink the wine from your lips.."

Penelope looked at Marie and felt her madness bordering on possession emanating like a dark energy. Brigitte had shown up with two orderlies and a straitjacket and all three watched Marie.

"Margaret?" Dr Rollin asked the last patient in the group circle.

Margaret looked at Dr Rollin and all she could think of was how handsome he was. She smiled almost as a reflex, trying to desperately focus on what he had asked her.

Marie looked at Margaret and then Dr Rollin and then back to Margaret. A look of rage began to emerge and she began to shudder.

"Margaret....IS MINE!!! You stay away from her!" Marie snarled.

"Oh my!" Penelope felt the rising violent energy building and was contemplating holding the woman with her strength to protect the others, but then forgetting she was not supposed to be a powerful vampire but a mortal woman who thought she was a powerful vampire. She began to move away with her chair, closer to Margaret.

At that moment the two pseudo Queens began to also get riled up. The energy seemed to be contagious. Some of the more meek patients moved away in fear, the more prone to violence began to also become agitated.

"Mother what is happening?" Margaret felt it and became concerned.

Penelope looked out the window, far past the long gardens and to the far wall of the clinic.

"So, now I see!" Penelope looked annoyed and then close her eyes and focused. Blocking out the increasing volume of ranting and babbling from the madwomen in the room. Dr Rollin had hit a button and Brigitte and the boys got ready for multiple action.

"Off with their heads! off with their heads!" Solange began to chant, her face contorting.

"Call my chariots to war!! I will invoke the gods to raise pestilence to all who oppose me, Isis made flesh!!" Jeanette got up and began to slam her chair's four legs on the floor.

More orderlies showed up and they waited for Dr Rollin to give the signal to subdue the group, but he held off. For some reason he was looking at Penelope who was deep in focus.

Penelope's eyes then opened.

"Ha! It is done!" She laughed in triumph.

Marie, Solange, Jeanette and the others then fainted slightly and were silent. They were holding their temples and moaning as were the other agitated women.

Half a mile away, a stylishly dressed woman who had been on the other side of the clinic wall fell to her knees. A large brutish man in a grey chauffeur outfit ran over to help her up. She held her face and blood dripped from her nose. The woman angrily tried to push him away but she was barely able to even stand. Looking towards the clinic, she snarled.

"Nice try, Hunter. I am trying to deal with my psychological problems in this place and I do not appreciate you playing mind games with me or any of my fellow patients. So, I warn you. Leave my sister, I and the patients here alone or I will kill you and your comrades in a most horrific fashion! Do you hear me? I will Kill You ALL!!"

Penelope then notice she had said this all out loud at high volume. Everyone else in the room was quiet and staring at her.


Dr Rollin sadly gave the signal and soon Penelope was being hustled away from the room by Brigitte and her boys.

"Mother!" Margaret screamed in mindspeak. She wanted to help her Mother-in Darkness but the ruse had to continue.

"Margaret, it was that woman. The Hunter. She is more than just a normal one! She has the mind powers we have" Penelope spoke in her mind as she was dragged further away from Margaret.

Margaret then looked out the window as well. This had been some kind of psychic attack with this Hunter controlling the women around her and Penelope has stopped it. As the women were being shuffled back to their rooms, Dr Rollin stopped Margaret.

"Margaret, I'm so sorry about your sister. She seems to make progress and then she takes a turn for the worst. I promise you I will keep trying."

Margaret sensed Dr Rollin's personal anguish. This man was really starting to develop feelings for both women. She wanted to tell him that it was alright and that she understood. She was falling in love with Dr Rollin and she did not know why. But after all was not what he told Penelope also true for her. That Margaret, was despite the centuries and abilities and unholy appetite, a human? One who had been altered but had its original template wiped away completely?

She wanted to kiss him like a human and like a vampire. But the most important thing was to be close to her Mother in Darkness in this crucial and dangerous time. This Hunter was like nothing she had ever encountered before.

Time for the 'Vampire' to come out.

Margaret lunged with her open mouth, fangs retracted, at Dr Rollin's neck.


A half hour later, Margaret was sitting in the padded room across from Penelope's.

"Well, I'm sure you put quite a fright into that poor man. He really has feelings for you. I feel almost guilty playing this sort of game." Penelope sighed.

"It is okay, Mother. He thinks I am unwell and I need to keep the image going just as you do. I am more concerned about this Hunter. What sort of game is she playing?" Margaret said in a serious tone.

"I guess we will find out. But I know this, no harm must come to anyone in this clinic. She had shown she has no scruples in taking advantage of their damaged minds for her own ends. You and I must protect them and the staff more than even ourselves, even if it means we have to take the battle outside these walls." Penelope responded.

"Well at least I am with you, somewhat, my Mother-in Darkness." Margaret smiled. The love she had for Penelope was higher than all.

"Oh, I think your poor roommate is missing you." Penelope chuckled.

"urrrrr…" Margaret was speechless.

In Margaret's former room, poor Marie could not sleep peacefully. She tossed and turned in her bed, the moon coming through the barred windows almost taunting her.

"No, my beloved. I need your kiss, please. Sob! Please come back."

Somewhere Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra also tossed and turned, ranting and raving in a semiconscious state.

In their dreams a voice was telling them to be ready. The one who had mocked them and the one who kept Marie from her beloved needed to be destroyed and their help would be needed in that task.


Penelope Grecian would die the true death within the month.

To Be Continued
L'asile Des Vampires part Five
Try to be humorous and it turns into a psychic battle. Poor Penelope, everyone thinks she is a raving maniac and it is usually a misunderstanding!
Happy Walpurgis Night to any of my germanic cousins in Europe. Witches, bonfires, and dark mountains and the coming of Spring. This week I was in Baltimore checking on a friend and the weather was quite beautiful even if everything else was not. 

It would be nice to have some kind of thing here in Murica to celebrate (just to have another macabre type holiday) but all I can do is post a favorite film that takes place on Walpurgis Nacht
and in fact was it was the original title!

Werewolf Shadow aka Werewolf versus the vampire women aka La Noche De Walpurgis aka
WalpurgisNacht! (1970) starring the late great Paul Naschy! And one of the greatest female vampire villains ever played by the late Patty Shepard.

The climax is on that most unholy of Nights!
Defiance by single-leg
Obviously a Libertarian.

I understand the concept of a curfew (and my comrade and I still broke it anyway) but I like this guy's defiance.

Love the upside down flag!

Note: The T at the end of Doesn't is folded back, the guy can spell.
Camouflage by single-leg
What good would plywood boards do against hordes of the undead?

Do you not know your defenses of the animal kingdom? Pretend to be already dead.

Peoples livelihoods are being shattered by a lumpenprole tantrum and the pigs diverted, leaving
good people to have to fend for themselves.

What else is new?


United States
Current Residence: the declining Northeast USA
Favourite genre of music: Black metal, classic metal, Italian horror music prog rock, classic disco and rap.
Favourite style of art: Drawings..
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Personal Quote: Not ANOTHER stupid white guy commercial!?!!?
Happy Walpurgis Night to any of my germanic cousins in Europe. Witches, bonfires, and dark mountains and the coming of Spring. This week I was in Baltimore checking on a friend and the weather was quite beautiful even if everything else was not. 

It would be nice to have some kind of thing here in Murica to celebrate (just to have another macabre type holiday) but all I can do is post a favorite film that takes place on Walpurgis Nacht
and in fact was it was the original title!

Werewolf Shadow aka Werewolf versus the vampire women aka La Noche De Walpurgis aka
WalpurgisNacht! (1970) starring the late great Paul Naschy! And one of the greatest female vampire villains ever played by the late Patty Shepard.

The climax is on that most unholy of Nights!

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