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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

You miss nothing
Peony thrower
Degenerate Decade On
The basket empty..

Gift from God
Ten years later, the last sunset.... 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
In the Meanwhile..

BlackChurch Mental Hospital
South East England

"Okay ladies, its time to announce who will be representing us at the 2038 world female psychiatric penal complex expo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I think you all know who!"

Matron Betsy Knowles made her announcement when the majority of nurses were in the staff lounge. All eyes looked to the usual suspects
one of whom seemed to be somewhat surprised.

"I wonder who will be chosen? That is quite an honor to represent our country on the world stage." Nurse Penelope Grecian whispered to her daughter-in darkness, Nurse Margaret Zasalieu.

"Yes, I wonder who. Perhaps the ones who were last year…" Margaret rolled her eyes.

"Security Nurses Penelope Grecian and Margaret Zasalieu!"

Matron Knowles was pleased that it was immigrant descended staff. It would look good for the diversity quotient, even if they were still just eastern and southern European, boring ethnic white people.

The Nurse staff erupted in squeals of delight and hugging like only a female dominated domain could. Followed by secret whispers and gossip. Unfortunately the two vampires secretly employed as Nurses heard every cruel word through mindspeak.

"Oh my, I thought she liked us that one." Penelope sighed in disappointment at the petty thoughts of one of the new Nurses.

"To hell with them, I am here only for you." Margaret declared in mind speak.

"They don't appreciate all we have done. It's perplexing." Penelope groused.

"They are humans, mortals, stupid talking primates. They don't appreciate anything!" Margaret fumed.

Matron Knowles continued about the Expo which was set to start two weeks from now.

"This year we are also bringing five of our most distinct patients under strict security measures. The most improved as well as the most problematic. We must show both the good and the bad. I hear the Chinese are bringing over a hundred of their worst insane female criminal masterminds! Now that is just showing off, I must say. Even the Yanks brought no more than ten, with their huge and embarrassing asylum population."

"Well Canada is technically not 'America', the United States. I never want to return to that awful place." Penelope conferred with Margaret.

"Mother, that was one small part of that rather vast country. It is hardly the fault of a whole country for what happened with poor Heather. It is where she chose to conduct her criminal career. Rather successful until the end to be fair, she lived the American dream even if it was of underworld crime."

Penelope did not respond. This was often the reaction when she disagreed strongly with Margaret.

Their attention was soon diverted to some screaming and yelling coming from the hallway outside.

"Oh, is it a new patient?" Penelope seemed curious as it was a voice of someone yelling she had not heard before.

A rather masculine woman with short hair and cursing up a storm was being brought in to BlackChurch. Even in a straitjacket it took three fit Nurses and a security guard to drag her down the hall.

"Let go of me! Bollocks! I'm not crazy, I just want England to win the World cup for eternity! I'm no different than anyone else here! Ngh!!!"

"Oh. I think she has taken this football thing way too far." Penelope marveled. Ancient greek youth when she was a human used to kick and throw inflated goat bladders around for fun. But this football thing had gotten a bit out of hand, especially after the war. It was like the ruling elite was trying to divert the restlessness and masculinity of the working class into some kind of ultimately useless, consumerist and harmless(to them) focus.

"Mother, don't you recognize her? She caused havoc all through europe on the away games. She was the one who attacked us last month playing the Hanover girls, remember? Striker Meg!"

"Oh! That is her. I didn't recognize her without all the brand name gear!"

The BlackChurch/Hanover women's football game had been a rough one, with Britannia training the yanks and the rivalry and animosity between the mother country and the yankee upstarts making it rather tight. Margaret and Penelope watched but did not take part. The game technically never finished as this Football maniac woman attacked with explosive balls and hired firm goons. Unfortunately for them, the two teams were quite tough fighters and when both crazy super powered  women with
red hair jumped in, many 'hard' nutters ended up in the ED.

"She got away, I guess they caught her." Penelope chuckled.

"Don't laugh mother, she is being sectioned in our area!" Margaret said with annoyance.

"Oh, why do we get all the theme villainesses?" Penelope shrugged her shoulders.

Both women walked into the day room of their section. The girls were being quite well behaved today, arousing suspicion. The implementation of the nano enamel policy did not go well at first, but most got used to it. Many complained about the black color but it was a good marker for potential escapees and gave a uniform symmetry to the diverse population. Still many had argued they had outgrown their adolescent 'Goth" phase.

One patient who did not complain was a particular middle aged but quite attractive criminal mastermind who smiled as she saw Margaret.

"Good day, Matron Grecian. Matron..Zasalieu.." Sapphire winked. Her china cut was growing in and curling to her natural hair texture. The turquoise colored patient smock of BlackChurch unable to hide her somewhat sophisticated and faux regal demeanor.

"Good day, Sapphire. I hear good things about you. Your therapy is going well and you have more privileges." Penelope smiled. "Keep up the progress. I would love to see you a free and law abiding woman with no delusions."

Sapphire responded with a curtsy and a wink. The other patients groaned or gave her a look of death but they had their own problems to deal with.

"Well, how about you, Margaret. Do you think I am making progress?" Sapphire directly addressed her.

Margaret said nothing and continued to walk past.

"I am going to check on the isolation patients. I will see if they need to relieve themselves." Margaret announced, the worst task in the hospital.

Sapphire continued to smile and then laughed as Margaret left the room.

"Oh, she is a hard one, dear Margaret. Even I, the object of desire for so many for so long cannot get a peep out of her."

"Do not be upset, Sapphire. Margaret is a bit..strict and reserved. But she want's the same thing we all do, for your recovery." Penelope added.

"Penelope. honest. Don't you want to just bite my neck and drink my blood, huh? Honestly." Sapphire had a slightly madcap look on her face as she sat suggestively on the coach next to an annoyed Red Fox and a straitjacketed Kali.

Penelope crinkled her nose in annoyance. "Sapphire, please. I desire no such thing, and neither do you!"

"Ahahahhahahah! Yes, Penelope. I know. I know. Keep up the act. Sooner or later, I will provoke  you to bite me. I would be a good daughter-in darkness. I swear!"

Penelope now walked out of the day room, Sapphire's laughter filling the ward.

Sapphire turned to Red Fox and then Kali. "They are vampires. Red, dear I know you saw them. You said so that one night when you escaped!"

Red Fox turned her head away and said nothing. She knew not to admit anything anymore to these doctors. It was all just admitting to a delusion. Do her time here and instead of prison. Get out and then just settle down with some rich bloke. Unless a real good score came along that is..

Kali looked at Sapphire as if she was insane.

"You need help." The indian woman, who had killed hundreds, said with genuine concern.

"Sapphire is acting irrational, I suggest a return to isolation." Penelope said matter of factly to Matron Knowles.

"Oh? I thought she was doing better? Oh well, send the girls to escort her. If she resists, restrain her."

Later that Night.

Sapphire sat it in the corner of her padded room. So boring. At least no jacket this time. Once again she walked to the door window and yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Can I at least get a bloody fashion magazine in here, please!"

Sapphire then stamped her feet like a spoiled brat. This was no way for a middle aged woman to act but if they were going to treat her like a toddler on time out she would damn well act the part.

After a while she sat back down and stretched. There was no cot in here, but the floor was so soft and comfortable it was even better than some stiff, utilitarian cot. She measured the contrast of her black finger and toe nails to the white floor, walls and ceiling.

"I feel like I'm a silly girl sneaking in to see Siouxsie and the Banshees again." Sapphire laughed to herself.

Thats when the light in her cell went dead.

"Oh. Thats not good." Sapphire gulped. She did not like the dark and often slept with a night light when she was a free woman.
She knew instinctively that there was something else about the dark that bothered her. She knew what or more accurately, who was going to visit.

In the far corner she saw her.

"Sapphire…I have come for you.."

Sapphire's blue eyes widened with fright. She put both hands to her mouth like a typical horror actress and she cringed in the other corner, trembling.

"No, please. Don't kill me, I beg you. I won't tell anyone of your secret I promise! Please!"

The dark figure grabbed her firmly and Sapphire was helpless to resist.


"Tonight, you are mine.." The dark figure said.

Sapphire could no longer hold it in. She began to laugh almost uncontrollably.

"Oh, I'm sorry..I'm ruining the moment..Oh..ahahahahah!! I'm so dreadfully sorry.."

Margret smiled. Sapphire was funny and was quite adept at playing their little secret game.

"Well then I might have to put a straitjacket on you, do you want that again, dear Sapphire?" Margaret joked.

"Maybe.." She smiled suggestively to the dark figure which held her.

"my beloved.." Margaret's desire for Sapphire had grown in the past month and now the two had a secret tryst which
threatened to blossom into something much, much more.

Margaret drank gently but firmly from Sapphire's throat and she  swooned and moaned in pleasure. The vampire took her gently to the floor of her cell. Lifting up her blood soaked lips she looked down lovingly at Sapphire who came out of the swoon quickly.
Strong willed. That was good.

Then the two kissed on the lips, Sapphire tasting her own blood but having no fear or trepidation about it. This was the their time Margaret and hers..

The cameras to her cell showed a half out of it Sapphire smiling and talking to herself. About normal for BlackChurch so the guards did not give it a second thought.

A half hour later, the two lay with each other, nurse and mental patient. Women separated by centuries as well as life and death.

"Margaret, do you think Penelope knows? Will she get angry?" Sapphire knew Penelope was more powerful and was more than a little concerned.

"She usually allows me my thoughts unless its something that concerns her too. I would not worry much, Sapphire. Even if she finds out, she cannot deny me. It is not against the Prototcols for a vampire to sire its own children at anytime. Of course it would help, if she approved. I do not think she will but in the end, it is my choice. It's not like she approved of any of my other choices before."

"I, I swear to you. I am not just looking for renewed youth,immortality and freedom. I will serve you loyally for all time. You are so beautiful my dear Margaret. You can tell I'm sincere. I mean I have always fancied men but I make an exception for you." Sapphire gently put her hands on Margaret's face, genuinely meaning what she said.

"I believe you, and even if you are lying, it matters not. You will belong to me and be mine if this happens." Margaret warned in a relaxed manner.

"Will this happen?" Sapphire asked, with a pleading look.

"Maybe..In time. For now, I shall drink of your blood and make your stay here a little more tolerable. Still if you are naughty, I won't hesitate to put you in your place. This is not a relationship of equals. I am not a 'modern'. You will obey me, do you understand?"

"Yes, yes I do..still I will fight you a little. It's no fun always being a good girl." Sapphire laughed.

Margaret slinked like a python over Sapphire and pinned her to the floor again. He body shuddering as Margaret took more of her tribute.

The two cellmates on either side of Sapphire's room cried hysterically and had fits of unexplained mania which were settled with sedatives.

For some reason no one thought to check on Sapphires cell.. when it came up, it mysteriously went to the subconscious of the staff on duty.

Margaret's feeding would not be disturbed

To Be Continued
In the Meanwhile..
A bit of naughty 70's Euro style lesbian vampire action (but no nudity).

Margaret is finally defying Penelope.

Striker Meg! Yeah she is lame..wait till she interferes with the Hanover vs Transformation Island game!..if she breaks out of Black Church that is (you know she will).

Sapphire, Margaret, Penelope,  are all OCs by :iconcelestialhost:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Nephilim: OPR side story part Two

Mars orbit, Sector 17

"This is LDF unit four. We have three bogies, coming in at ten o'clock, luna orientation. Unknown markings. I have never seen anything like this.
Large humanoid shapes but propelled by ignition. Non Cutulu. Non any previous alien invader, over."

"Roger, this is LDF unit four. will engage. Over!"

LDF unit four, an intercept squad of five space enhanced battle armors and two support battle shuttles followed the course of the newest sector intrusion. More than a number of
alien races had attempted to take advantage of a divided human race and a cutulu conquered earth. It was the job of the Luna nation to show the folly of such actions to these opportunists. These aliens had been checked previously and did not seem too have technology much more advanced than the Luna nation and could be repulsed with modest casualties. The eight decade war with the Cutulu had honed the LEF and LDF to be experienced and fearsome space warriors and their reputation spread to other civilized worlds. No matter how many casualties and failures the humans suffered, they did not give up.

One race, The Mi-Go was disappointed. Their attempt to revive the energy manipulation powers of their unknowing terran auxiliaries had not found its way to their space colonies but rather was still entwined with the regressed primitive culture of the surviving humans on earth. There was a clear and unfriendly division between the two strains of humanity and with Cthulhu and Old One domination of earth, the Mi-Go could not return without much risk. That would be a task for the E'ldil but their mysterious activities were unknown even to the Mi-go. While the space borne humans had impressive technology, they could not hope to ever more than stalemate with the Cthulhu horde. Whether stone tipped spear or cybernetic battle armor, the way to truly defeat the Old Ones at their core involved tapping into the energy of the heavenly bodies placed by the creator itself.

As usual, the unpredictable self conscious primates were on their own. Stumbling, half blind with a brittle sword against an all powerful dragon who barely considered them any more than bacteria. No one observing expected much but they had their directive from above.

"Okay engage on my signal. Three. Two. One.. GO!"

The lead battle armor pilot, Marissa Devereaux yelled into her com link.

"For Luna, For Humanity!" The other four SBA (Space Battle Armors) pilots chanted. Two females and two males. Luna demographics were still female skewed unlike
the more balanced male to female ratio on Terra.

Captain Devereaux engaged the lead invader, the solarized visual scanner showing it as it would appear in a UV balanced environ.

"Whoah, you are an ugly sonofabitch."

A green large humanoid shape with spike like extensions and three large orbs behind it, the propulsion system. It's arms ended in large claws.
With three glowing red spheres that must be the eyes in the center of an undersized head.

"Is this sentient? It looks like..a battle armor?" Cpt Devereaux thought to herself. No other aliens used battle armors other than the Luna humans.

Soon the speculation ended as the Luna five SBA's skirmished with the Three unknown SBA's.

"The leader is good, trained by our cousins in combat. The subordinates, no experience. Their equipment at least a century behind, still that makes
them more formidable than most of these other species."

Nayssa, the space hemavore leader of unknown origin spoke
to her sisters in enhanced mind speak. Even hemavores had to use tech for deep space communication.

"Take the females and convert..destroy the useless males."

"Hail! Radkhyassa!" Her sisters Jarralon and Quarda sung in unison.

The battle was engaged and the space in near orbit to the martian colony filled with the spherical shaped explosions of zero gravity.

Luna Sector 23

Teena Rivera jolted out of her bed. Sweating and trembling again. The PTSD was getting worse. The nightmares..
Locked in an abandoned ancient and inhumane asylum..trapped in a white cube with hemavores drinking her blood with metal spike straws.
Then seeing the most greedy of all her own ancestor, Jennifer! With an evil fanged smile, she sucked so hard that Teena became a deflated
bag of skin and bones..Jennifer was still running amok on Terra and Teena vowed to capture her but not now, while on psych probation.

"Oh Luna, the meds are not working.." She grit her teeth and nearly began crying. Perhaps it was right what they said about breeding more males for this. They were genetically expendable and more suited for combat. Teena had been in the opposition camp, there brothers were equals, what a horrible notion! But now, maybe there was some truth to it.

If only it gave Teena a break..

Thats when she noticed a figure in the room. Almost like a shadow, but with mass. What the silly backwards humans on Terra called a 'ghost'.

It was no ghost, but rather another type returned from the dead. Her partner, Lt Penelope Grecian. Already suited in battle armor.

Then the klaxons went off.


"Penelope? What? Huh, what are you?"

"Teena, we are being attacked. New invaders." Penelope's long brown hair wrapped tight in a braid around her head. The latest Luna style for those
with European hair genetics.

"Huh? Why were you already suited up?" Teena was still half awake.

"I can feel things even millions of miles away at this age. Also I feel something familiar. I think these new attackers may be Hemavore related."

"What? Penelope have you told Luna Command about this?" Teena said almost flabbergasted.

Penelope looked uncertain.

"Oh, thats a good point. Do you think that I should? I could be wrong. I think we need to get out to the Martian sector to be sure."

Teena began to get dressed.

"Space Hemavores..thats all we need."

"Perhaps the old ones bred with other sentient species? I mean that seems to be the accepted vampire origin as of today. To me it matters little. I still like the whole bloodsucking demigod thing but this makes a bit more scientific sense, for what good that is."

Penelope pondered. The whole human/old one hybrid of interspecies rape seemed a bit disappointing. She then remembered Valerie Steele, mentioning she had been a patient at the long destroyed Hanover institute with a woman claiming to be a vampire from outer space. With a british accent. Accompanying a time traveling doctor.

Now that was just ridiculous.

"How is your SBA ability?" Teena asked as she took a caffeine capsule.

"Hmm..Its a bit strange. But I am above average. The interfaces must be slightly different for my kind. The biomechanics interface is different.
We still sometimes get registered as a corpse and the system shut downs. I think I would be better in the Kingfisher." Penelope was not
totally confident in an SBA and it showed.

"Well I hope they got the bugs out of it, its time for action!" Teena was energized. Maybe more PTSD was in store but combat seemed to suppress her symptoms
temporarily. Like a severe alcoholic drinking more to suppress the withdrawal symptoms.

The unit, Teena and Penelope belonged to was an LDF second strike unit. They would attach themselves to a main propulsion booster and hit Mars orbit in five hours.
Hopefully finding a Mars sector victory.

And if not, dying for Luna was a worthwhile reason for existing..

Mars orbit Sector 17

"There too fast. I can't get a lock. I can't get a lock..I..AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Marrissa watched helplessly as her wingman, Gaspar Tranh's face erupted into a mess of brains and blood a split second before his visual image fizzled out.

"NO!" Gaspar's SBA had been taken out and exploded, the shockwaves being felt a second later.

"No time to mourn.." Marissa continued her dogfight with the unknown battle armor. Faster and more maneuverable and with energy weapons that battle
was severely one sided. Every skill and trick learned by Marissa to deal with the Cutulu barely kept her even with this new enemy.

"You Bastard!" The auto cannons on her SBA mostly missed her target, the few striking with little effect.

Nayssa was impressed with this human warrior. If she had one of their armors she would have been her equal, maybe even a bit better. But
there was no mercy in interstellar combat and technological deficits were no excuse.

Marissa drew her SBA's blade weapon.

"Oh, a duel is it? I like you, terran. I must drink your blood as soon as possible." The green haired Nayssa smiled. Her opponent also had green hair
but it was not a natural color for these terrans.

"I will make you my slavemate!" Nayssa smiled as her fangs grew to twice the length of an earth hemavore. Time to go in for the kill!

Nearby, Nayssa's sisters made short work of the other Luna pilots.


Lt Abdawa Faid screamed over her intercom as her SBA was pierced by a long proboscis from the Purple unknown armor. It ripped through the titanium and directly attacked the vulnerable pilot within. The sharp probe stuck the Lt in a non fatal manner and she barely even felt it. Cutulu tentacle attacks similarly attacked the Luna pilots directly,  getting at the weak, vulnerable primate hiding behind steel thus the use of honor/suicide bombs.

But Lt Faid was unable to use her bomb as the sucker began to not tear her apart or kill her but drain her blood quickly while injecting new genetic material.
The female pilot struggled in her cockpit as she was rather quickly turned into a Hemavore.

"Dammnit!" Lt Gunther Strass attempted to save his comrade, having no idea what was going on to the unfortunate Lt Faid. All he saw on his monitor was
her SBA being stabbed by what appeared to be a long stinger emerging from the purple enemy battle armors chest plate. He ignited his boosters and went forward
to save Abdawa.

His attempt to use his blade weapon was thwarted as his SBA was cut in half by the red battle armor's own blade which had appeared out of nowhere, his own body as the nexus point.


The third of his siblings to die in the Luna interstellar wars, Gunther's last thought was he never got to fight the Cutulu who killed his older brothers, then he saw them
still alive and smiling in their uniforms , then his surviving younger brother. Then his poor mother..then nothing.

As the two now separate pieces of the SBA exploded, the Red Armor sheathed its large blade by reabsorbing it into the armor's main body.

"My this is easy, Quarda. These terrans are supposed to be so fearsome, they don't seem to formidable compared to some of the others." Jarralon mused.

"Well compared to the other humanoid types they are, these are all the inexperienced pilots as well. They however are not on the level of the Old Ones, thats for sure." Quarda responded.

"But they taste very, sweet..hmmmmmm." Quarda's body gorged on Faid's blood thanks to the biomechanic capillary interface on the armor's proboscis.

"Oh? Well then what am I waiting for?" Jarralon said with excitement. "Where is the other soon to be sister? Oh there she is! Holding back, I think she is a bit afraid!"

Lt Faye Meriweather was terrified. Her comrades who she had trained with were all dead and within minutes.

"Maybe I should just ignite my honor bomb, now." She began to tremble.

The Red armor was coming for her.

"I can't die like this, not fighting..I owe it to my comrades." Tears went down the young brown haired anglo saxon descended pilots face.

Tears of anger.

"Come on, you devils! For Luna and Humanity!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. As she went to engage her boosters, she felt her SBA held fast.

No! The other armor had grabbed her! Oh Luna, no!

She looked up on her visual port to see that it was not one of the enemy battle armors but rather a familiar one with the large L insignia unmistakable.

Captain Devereaux's damaged but still functional SBA.

"Faye, one of us has to get back to Luna. The shuttles are coming to lay down fire and retrieve you. They have the speed. Get ready.

Jarralon and Quarda marveled that the lead Terran was still alive. Looks like Nayssa was slipping.

"Well, let us feed on both then. Nassya has lost her claim." Jarralon laughed.

"Foolish Sisters, this terran is quite skilled. Help me finish her!" Nayssa snarled in mind speak. Her green armor appeared
with a large puncture hole and damage to the right appendage.

"Go!" Marissa screamed into her intercom as Faye's SBA ran for it.

"Oh one is getting away! We must stop her, I want my own slavemate!" Jarralon shouted in annoyance.

"Rarrghh!!!" Even the Nephilim sisters heard the terran females battle cry as she took it to all three of their battle armors.

Lt Meriweather wanted to look back but she kept gunning for the distant shuttle that was now not so distant. The other one engaged its weapons to help
Captain Marissa's damaged but still operational SBA.

"Captain…" She closed her eyes and grit her teeth as more tears flowed. What kind of Luna soldier runs away from battle?

One that had been ordered to, thats what.

Captain Devereaux engaged her boosters which were nearly empty of fuel and showed the advantage of a less technologically advanced battle armor
in close combat. Her main blade had been cut in half by the red armor's superior blade but it was still able to nearly cleave halfway through Jarralon's chest plate.

"You sentient food item!" Jarralon shrieked in anger.

Cpt Devereaux released the bladé still stuck in Jarralon's armor and engaged her last auto cannon rounds at point blank range. While not penetrating
the armor, it temporarily disrupted her sensory array.

Quarda's  purple armor cleaved into the SBA and took off its right upper and lower extremity. Devereaux maneuvered her armor into an S pattern and launched her
last projectile weapon, 100 cluster missiles.

The spherical explosions erupted as she flew above the three enemy armors. She looked back to see the one shuttle escaping and the second valiantly attacking the enemy

"Shuttle 2. Disengage and withdraw! Thats an order."

"Sorry, ma'am, we are not leaving you!" Lt Singh barked.


Captain Devereaux held her head. She felt as if a knife had been stuck through her cerebrum.

Nayssa, elder sister of the thirty seventh Nephilim contact unit had had enough alright. Her armor began to glow.

"Oh, looks like sister is about to blow her cool." Quarda laughed.

Jarralon was angry too. The terran leader had no chance but had put up an unexpected fight. Nephilim however did not respect unexpected resistance like
good sports.

"VRASH!!" Nayssa's armor erupted into a massive glow and then a blast of energy. Barely missing the SBA and disintegrating the support Shuttle.


The SBA's system failing , Cpt Devereaux decide to blow herself up..but first she was going to grab that damn green battle armor.


For some strange reason, Marissa knew her opponents had to be female, alien or not. Call it intuition. Her power almost gone, she went at all three
of the aliens.


She could not grab them but they grabbed her. Perfect. Maybe she could take all three out.

"For Luna! For..URK!!"

Captain Marissa looked down to her chest to see some kind of sharp spine piercing her through her personal armor.

With her last conscious thought she tried to ignite the..

A few minutes later, Nayssa had her fill of Marissa Devereaux's blood.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..oh..such worthy blood..oh what a hemavore she will make…what a lover..slavemate.."

"Well, Jarralon..looks your slavemate is getting away." Quarda giggled.

"Ngghh!! Shut up!"

Jarralon's armor turned towards the direction of the fleeing SBA and Shuttle.

"I am coming for you, terran. Till we get to your main colony, I will give you something to remember me by!"

Jarralon's damaged armor glowed and her mind speak ability was enhanced by its biomechanical battery.

Just as Lt Meriweather's SBA was being brought into the Shuttle, it hit her.

Instead of the opening bay door and the SBA support team, she saw a woman.

A tall naked woman, with green blue skin and dark blue veins running through her that seemed to glow. With long red hair that seemed to go down to her feet
and seemed almost alive. Pulsating. Her eyes also red, glowing red. Fangs and a blood red smile.

"Faye Meriweather..what an exotic name. You terrans are quite attractive, our humanoid base must have been a similar strain."

Faye was frozen in terror. But then, but then..oh..she was quite lovely. Oh so lovely. Faye was rated bisex so it was not so unusual. Not so..
oh my..

"I am coming for you..and yours..all of your people. Life force for the Nephilim."

Then Faye saw something else. The horror of the other veil..where all came from..where the Cutulu's were spawned.
Too much for the human mind, oh too much.

Before the shuttle crew got to Faye they could hear her bloodcurdling screams underneath the armor of her SBA..

To Be Continued
Nephilim: OPR side story 2
More OurPassingReign era, in deep space. Or at least Mars orbit.

The nasty Nephilim warriors, female space Hemavores in biomechanical battle armors.

Inspired by the Meltrandi warriors in Macross. Milia/Miriya is still the most gorgeous female
anime character ever made, showing my age.

The battle inspired once again by all the 80's space Opera animes..including the brutal
Delzeg attack scene in Megazone 23 part 2.

Faye will be the third main human character as she will interact with Penelope and Teena.

Penelope is an OC created by the mastermind :iconcelestialhost: This whole scenario in space
was inspired and set up by him in this story!…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Fencemen part Seven

Rebels part One

2144 Louisiana Territory
Southern Sector, Bogalusa

"How in detroit can we be so blessed today, Jack? No humidity, only a deader here and there, way ahead of schedule. I don't think
we deserve it this damn good!"

"I cannot believe you are tempting the gods like that, Trav. You just do not give a fuck do you?"

"No sir, I do not."

Mars and Morris Fencemen inc was having an easy day. Twenty plus miles north of lake pontchartrain, their latest job seemed to be going
easier than had been expected. A Narrower, more complex fence system was being put in place to enable various livestock  and their herders, safe passage
through an area that was the only solid land bridge in the swamp. Used by Deader hordes as an invasion corridor, many of the unluckier ones got stuck in the swamp
and helplessly moaned at potential meals working just yards away.

"At lunch time, I say we have a little target practice, whaddya think?" Travis nodded to the dozens of stuck Deaders.

"Oh yeah, you don't care about your spent slugs. These mini harpoons can be reused. I don't feel like mucking around in there to get them out
and then get bitten in half by a gator. Some Fencemen I would be." Jack smiled. The old fifty cal air rifle versus spear gun debate revived.

"Oh you scared, Yank? Maybe I will get my west coast bonafide aristocrat warrior princess to fetch em, eh?"  Travis nodded towards
their hemavore anti zombie muscle, Laurel Simone. The vampire warrior was sitting atop her anti-solar armor and veiled like a bedouin. Not much for her to do
but watch and listen. That was as important as smashing Deaders.

"Well might as well have her do something. She's getting top pay for just sitting around like a lady of leisure." Jack spat.

Laurel did not respond. Despite her heightened sense and mindspeak she did not hear Jack's insult. Partly from learning to tune out his
contempt and 'v-racism' but more importantly because she sensed something amiss a few miles away. Like a bird of prey she was still and looked to the north.

Travis was not long in sensing her sensing it. He walked up to the mark three Black Widow hemavore anti solar armor.

"Laurel, honey? What is it? A horde coming this way?"

"No. Not Deaders. Humans. A large group, in vehicles." Laurel's voice went into a monotone as if she was going into a trance. Travis knew she
was trying to do more in depth reconnaissance.

Jack also walked over, sensing his good friend's concern. Reading non verbal cues was an important skill for Fencemen. The difference between having a beer
later in the bar or being ripped apart like a barbecued roast chicken.

"Trav, whats up?"

"Laurel's spooked."  No smart quip came out of Jack's mouth this time.

"About twenty people. Armed. Its a scout unit I think. They have those old flags on them, from the old empire."

Travis immediately had a look of anger on his face.

"Neo-Americans?!..Yankee scum! So there poking their noses around here, heh?" Travis turned to the north with his big bore air rifle and spat on the ground.
"There gonna fuck up these fences. Its what they do! Using Deaders as an auxiliary army. Following in the evil ways of Sherman and Grant!"

"Whoah, Trav there is nothing we can do. We need the militia's for this." Jack tried to reason with his hot headed friend.

"Jack is right, Travis. We are outnumbered and outgunned by the looks of it. There are also a few of my kind mixed in with them." Laurel advised.

"Figures, yankees and bloodsuckers. God help us." Travis shook his head and lowered his rifle.

"Alright, lets bug out. We need to reach the check point and warn the upper militias, pronto." Travis walked along the unfinished fence posts and began to yell
at his workers.

"Alright, boys and girls. We gotta bug out, grab your gear and go!" Immediately the Fencemen dropped what  was too heavy to carry and gathered up
their tools. Evasion was as important a skill as taking out a Deader or putting up a Fence. Soon various trucks and bikes were heading south to the main road.
Laurel, Travis and Jack stayed in the rear to make sure they were covered. The crew sub chief was to report to the militia head as soon as he reached the
boundary wall.

Soon the sounds of loud dirt bikes could be heard. Laurel looked concerned.

"They are only two miles away. They must know of that road. Our people are going to be overrun."

Travis and Jack looked at each other grimly.

"Shit." Jack sighed.

Laurel looked calm but her eyes shone red. "I will not kill but I will stop them anyway I can."

Travis began to laugh. "Well we aren't holding back, Laurel. You won't have a problem with us killing do you?"

Laurel smiled. "My vow is not to kill, it is not yours. I have no problem with whatever you do. You are paying me after all. If you should kill one I immobilize or if
a Deader gets them, I am technically keeping my vow."

"It seems like this vow, was put on you. Not chosen. Am I right! You fang faces all do that code of honor crap on each other." Jack added. "You never extend it to us
'warmbloods' though."

Laurel said nothing, but Jack already knew the answer. He was raised under vampire domination. They used the term 'v-racism' all the time, what about using humans as prey?
How could they use such stupid trotskyite terms when life was now archeo feudalist? Jack had ranted and raved about that so much he did not see the point anymore, these southerners seemed to worship these fang faces!

"Well then its settled. So, How bout you Jack? You ready to go to war, brother?" Travis motioned to an extremely angry looking Jack.

"These assholes are messing with my money! Thats all I care about. Its not our first time dealing with bandits, Neo-American or otherwise."

Travis smiled. Jack tried to act like the calm and rational west coast guy among the crazy southerners but he had the rage and was quite capable at fighting, whether in a bar or
life or death. All the humans from vampire territories were tough and rather angry. Perfect for Fencing. When all was tried and failed and when it could no longer be avoided, every Fencemen was a fighter. A warrior. A killer. Destroying a Deader was not considered 'killing'. Killing was for your own kind, human kind. Vampires were a special case, blurring the line.

"Rebels versus Damn Yankees..this battle will never end. But you are in our territory! Like always you are gonna get the worst of it!" Travis snarled.
Then he said not a word. The three formulated a quick ambush plan.

Laurel shot into the woods like a shot, she would thin the herd non lethally a bit and then lead the others into the open area to be picked off by Travis.
However she could sense two of the scouts were hemavores and thus quite dangerous. She would try to take them out first if possible.

Jack got on his silent bike. He was going to come in on the flank and use his poison and explosive harpoons, made special to deal with the still living.
Plus he had something for the other walking corpses that made life a living hell. Special oak harpoon/stakes for hemavores. Jack really wanted a shot at

None of these scouts could be allowed to escape. They were trying to buy time for their Fence brothers and sisters, not defend New Orleans.
This made it easier but also harder.

"Well everyday for a Fencemen is another gift. We had a good life. Still would like some more money, though." With that Jack turned on his electronic bike
and peeled off into the swamp.

Forty miles North,

A tall figure was silhouetted by the flames of burning settlements. Sounds of random gunfire and screaming in the background did not move the man from his
position. The fire seemed to be telling him things and reflected in his eyes, matching the fire within that grew from an ember into a raging inferno. He walked forward
and tore the old flag from the window it had been hanging from. The flag of evil or at least one of them. Thought eradicated before the Darkness Dawn era, it had returned
with a vengeance after the unholy break up of America. That tragic day, when the devil himself threw the children out of their New Jerusalem.

The Shining City on the Hill. Hope betrayed and changed into a wasteland.

"You bastards.."

The commander tore the hated battle flag of the old confederacy apart with his powerful hands, no easy feat.

He turned to his soldiers in the middle of executing the last of the settlements inhabitants. His deep voice rising above the cacophony with ease.

"Kill them all! Kill the Demons! Let the light of righteousness cast them into darkness for eternity!"

"Whoah, this guy. There is something about him.." A Neo American soldier was in awe just as he blew the brains out of his third prisoner, an older man.

"Yeah. I would march into hell and back for him." A female Neo American nearly giggled. She would not waste her precious ammunition on these backwoods
troglodytes. Her preferred method was beating fascists to death with an axe handle.

The two Neo American sub commanders watched arms folded from their main battle command truck. Captain Sammie Devine and captain Marjorie Winslow. The Leather clad transexual strategist and muscular lesbian platoon leader made a formidable pair, both partners and rivals in one.

"We have some good new recruits. Hope they last a while." Sammie smiled. Some of the new recruits were cute and she/he
looked forward to their 'personal' training.

"The main battle is yet to come. This is nothing. More like a test to see who has it and who does not. Speaking of which.." Marjorie motioned with her functional eye
to some development a hundred yards towards the center of the settlement.

One young Neo American soldier was quarreling with his comrades. Captain Marjorie walked over with a casual stride, like a jaguar stalking prey.

"Whats this, now?" She demanded of the two male soldiers pushing and grabbing a third who resisted.

"He won't follow orders, ma'am. Simple and plain. We got a traitor!" One of the soldiers, blood drenched, saluted.

"Well, is this true soldier?" Marjorie looked at the man, one of the newest recruits. Some starving kid who needed a job.

"I..I..I didn't sign up for this..I..I wanted to recreate and reclaim the Empire..but.." The soldier seemed almost in tears. Weak.

"So did you not think that reclaiming the promised land would not be earned with the blood of martyrs?" Marjorie raised the eyebrow of her eye.

"Our sacrifice yes, but not this..slaughter..this is.."

Before he could finish his sentence, Marjorie pulled out a derringer and shot the young man point blank in his head. His body dropped instantly, brains leaking.

"Yes, your sacrifice. Exactly." With that she turned and walked back to the command vehicle, issuing a command to the other two soldiers. "Use him for Deader bait."

"Ma'am!" The two saluted and then turned and picked up the dead traitor.

"Such strict standards, tsk, tsk. I would hate to have to take orders from you." Sammie said with a smile.

Marjorie closed her eye and leaned against the truck again.

"My men, my rules. I hope he wasn't one of the ones you wanted to 'train' later."

"No, he wasn't. He was one of those devout christian holy types. Just more Deader chow." Sammie sighed.

Both captains then saw their commander walk towards the vehicle. The two saluted at attention.

"Commander Jefferson, sir! What are your further instructions?"

"At ease, ladies. This settlement of racist scum had been eradicated. Its a good day. Our people have a lot to be proud of."

Commander Jefferson then looked over at one of the newest recruits. Looking back towards his captains he asked for their assessment.

"How is he doing?"

"Private Shan is learning fast, he shows a lot of promise." Sammie said almost nervously.

"Sir I have not seen him shoot or kill anyone yet. He is a good shot, being a Fencemen but I don't think he is quite warm to our cause." Marjorie said
matter of factly.

Commander Jefferson walked over to Private Shan. The young man looked nervous as well.

"So, private Shan. We spare your life and allow you to renew your status as an American, but you won't do what we ask of you?"

"Hey, man..err.. Sir. I fought. I took part in the assault. What, you want me to execute people? Maybe they want to join us?"

Shan was trying to come up with anything. His life had been a living nightmare the past two weeks since being 'pressed' into Neo-American service. These yankee motherfuckers were as crazy as they said and that transvestite dude scared him most of all! At night he prayed for Mamaloi Maudette to come rescue him from these psychos and bring him back to New Orleans. But she did not answer. Served him right for not paying his annual respects. I mean, she was a hemavore. Could she really be his great great grandmother? Wasn't there a statue of limitations on still living ancestors, vampire or no?

"I wan't you to follow my orders. Not for my sake but for the sake of justice and equality. Liberty and Freedom. You do like those things, don't you private Shan?"

Commander Jefferson's grey blue eyes seemed to bore into Shan.

"Yes Sir!"

"Good, then you won't mind the mop up..There are a few left to be executed. You will have that honor."

Commander Jefferson then turned and walked off into the night, flames licking the shadows. No Deaders in sight, they left the fences up to the east for a reason.

"Oh man, I..can't do this shit."

Captain Sammie walked over to him.

"You can do it soldier. If you don't I have to shoot you. Survival, Shan. Survival. I know you southerners understand that. I don't want to kill so much either, but orders are orders. If it means bringing back America, it's worth it."

Shan began to sweat. He was no softie, he had killed a man in New Orleans for trying to steal his bike. It wasn't squeamishness. But Shan was a man, killing helpless people was wrong, not to mention southerners for the benefits of yankees.

"This is fucked up.." Shan muttered.

"Yes, yes it is." Sammie had a sad look on his/her face.

Shan prayed to the saints for forgiveness and then went on with his unwilling grim business..

To Be Continued
Fencemen part Seven
Getting back to some more masculine type shit. 

Yanqui, go home!


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"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"

Virgil Kane is the name
And I served on the Danville train
'Till Stoneman's cavalry came
And tore up the tracks again

In the winter of '65
We were hungry, just barely alive
By May the 10th, Richmond had fell
It's a time I remember, oh so well

The night they drove old Dixie down
And the bells were ringing
The night they drove old Dixie down
And the people were singing
They went, "Na, na, la, na, na, la"

Back with my wife in Tennessee
When one day she called to me
"Virgil, quick, come see,
There goes Robert E. Lee!"

Now, I don't mind chopping wood
And I don't care if the money's no good
You take what you need
And you leave the rest
But they should never
Have taken the very best

The night they drove old Dixie down
And the bells were ringing
The night they drove old Dixie down
And all the people were singing
They went, "Na, na, la, na, na, la"

Like my father before me
I will work the land
And like my brother above me
Who took a rebel stand

He was just 18, proud and brave
But a Yankee laid him in his grave
I swear by the mud below my feet
You can't raise a Kane back up
When he's in defeat

The night they drove old Dixie down
And the bells were ringing
The night they drove old Dixie down
And all the people were singing
They went, "Na, na, la, na, na, la"

The night they drove old Dixie down
And all the bells were ringing
The night they drove old Dixie down
And the people were singing
They went, "Na, na, la, na, na, la"

Lyrics: Robbie Robertson Performed by: The Band

Don't tell me this is not about Revenge.
Don't tell me this is not about Power.....

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