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Is here..but the weather is still August..muggy, hot. Lifting weights again and
studying for a certification..but i will never give up the arts!

The comic is coming along slower than I like with the setup but soon it will accelerate. Miru as seen on the very first page is in a battle with someone tough.

The fiction serials continue. I want to do more masculine stuff like Coyote Kid and Fencemen. 

As for spontaneity, you know anything can show up at any time. Its going to be Halloween season soon so extra dark ideas are in my head (well I guess thats true year round). Its really the weather and foliage of the season that I seem to meld with spiritually.

Dont watch Mad Max Fury Road, it sucks (shortest review ever).


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At The Convention part Two

Trigger Warning Note-Extremely un PC!!!!!

2038 World Female Psychiatric Penal Complex Convention
Toronto, Ontario Canada

The first night of the  WFPPC Convention ended with introductory ceremonies. A ceremony crashed and interrupted by the People's Republic Contingent, The Ching'e Facility for Impetous and Unreasoned Extra/(Meta) women. One hundred women walked into the auditorium, all linked together by a filament tether and in red latex straitjackets. Their lower faces were covered by bite masks that had strange lights on them. A single non restrained woman in a green Chinese military uniform followed. Barking orders in chinese, the 100 stopped and then began a strange dance, a hybrid of a military march and wushu movements.

The whole auditorium was in awe at the audaciousness.

"How dare they? Who do they think they are!" Black Church security nurse Penelope Grecian marveled.

"They are the Middle Kingdom, Mother. Remember the two times we were there? When the Ming fell to the Manchus. Then during the Taiping Rebellion. Their population is so vast it boggles the mind and  it can be argued that they are truly the center of the world." Her SN partner and Daughter in Darkness, Margaret Zasalieu added. "They are quite powerful now, so such displays reflect this."

"Powerful empires should have manners. This is crass. Something the Americans would do." Penelope folded her arms. Margaret had to deal with the fact that Penelope would be quite irritable on this trip. All because of Margaret bringing Sapphire along. Sapphire was not a good patient but somehow she was entered on the most improved list. Penelope was more than suspicious.

Right behind the BlackChurch contingent, The Hanover girls were already buzzed from partying early. Mega nurse Miru had already downed half a bottle of snuck in hand crafted bourbon and even slowing down her metabolism, she was merely buzzed. More investment in alcohol was needed and would commence shortly. Jess Miller sat next to her and took sips from her own smuggled spirits, a bottle of blue raspberry Mad Dog 20/20. Natasha Colbert beside her had already drank a six pack and a half along with Polly Travers. Jess and Natasha were getting a bit inappropriate and were drawing attention until the Chinese stormed in.

"You two are lesbo maniacs..hiccup. Thats cool, but I ain't doing that.." Polly slurred.

"We are friends.. I like men..and women..but Nat and I are friends.." Jess chuckled.

"I love men too but I am always around ..its..a proximity thing..I think people have the wrong idea of me.." Natasha laughed.. " I mean, there are not a lot of men around.." Natasha made her case as Jess put her arms around her and put her leg on her lap.

"Thank Varg, Sandra is not with us.." Polly chuckled, referring to their strict christian SN sister.

The four Hanover women began to laugh and make a lot of noise. Totally ignoring the Chinese contingent. The green clad military commander noticed this and stared at the americans with an intense look. How dare the yankee mongrels show such disrespect!

"Ugh. So disgusting and they say the british are the unruly drunks abroad. I do not wan't you socializing with those colonials later." Penelope mind spoke to Margaret.

"Colonials? Really mother, that is just silly. I have little to fear from them, particularly in their drunken state." Margaret said in an annoying tone.

Immediately after, the green clad Chinese officer barked to the whole auditorium in english, the still common default language of the world.

"We, the People's Republic, the heir of the Celestial Civilization. We have shown how we deal with our Extra female Lumpenprole population. They are all devoted and loyal to the Republic. We control them with love and duty and they do not complain! You should all seek to approach this level of control and competence! You must awaken tomorrow and match us if you can!"

The rest of the auditorium was silent except for the Hanover section and the Japanese section. The Russian Federation representatives were quiet except for one already infused with Vodka. She wanted to say something but her mouth was covered by her comrades.

"Ahh shut up! Just take sure you deliver the right order later to our hotel room, heh!" Miru barked.

Natasha sobered up real quick. "Oh Miru! You shouldn't…that statement is a crime to the Canadians, they are more PC than us!"

"AHAHAHAHA! Thats funny, Miru…that was a little racist but that was good..AHAHAHAHAH!!" Jess erupted in laughter, her former anarchist 'anti-racism' giving way to an actual sense of humor.

"Oh please, I'm half Chinese.. or something like that..according to the DNA I'm cloned still counts..and even if I wasn't..what could they do?..I'm the most powerful motherfucker in this place!!" Miru added. "Fuck Canada!"

"Yeah, Fuck them!!" Polly shouted.

Natasha held her face in her hands. They were so being recommitted, including Miru, when word of this got to Riva.

"These are the women you want to cavort with later? I have nothing else to say to you, my Daughter in Darkness." Penelope mind spoke.

"That would be quite a relief, Mother.." Margaret got up and proceeded to walk to the end of the seats in her isle and then walked along the line of Chinese patients who now stood single file unmoving.

Her eyes caught the eyes of one of the women. An almost pleading look shook Margaret. She tried to delve into the mind of the woman but found it blocked with a steady hum and barking of orders within her synapses.

"How horrible. Mind control. You poor dear, I don't care what you did. None of you deserve this." Margaret turned and walked off, unable to do anything for the woman or the other 99 of her 'sisters'.

Another barked command from the female officer and the Chang'e contingent turned and march out of the auditorium. The woman stared at Miru the whole team as she passed. Miru responded with a burp and a smile.

Colonel Xian, the former 'Green Dragon' super villianess and now Head SN of Chang'e would not forget this insult.

The Canadian host contingent took the microphone on the stand. "Alright then, I think the concludes the proceedings for the night. Let us all retire and unwind. We must prepare out patients tomorrow for the display portion."

The audience began to leave slowly. Natasha immediately got the dreaded phone call. She was the 'responsible' one after all.
What a burden.

"Yes..Yes. Riva. Yes. I know. I will tell them. However I am also a part of this group so I expect to be punished as well. No..I insist. We will talk about this when we return. Yes. Yes. Stay away from the Chinese. Yes. I understand."

Natasha put down the phone. Oh well. They were in so much trouble already they might as well all enjoy themselves now!

"Alright, girls! Lets get back to our 'guests'..we need to share this good time, no?" Miru evilly smiled.

"Lets see how much the Three Amigas can drink!!" Jess slurred. "I know Martha likes her sherry.."

"I want to see Gata drink, I hear she has champagne tastes but she is a girl from the ghetto. I bet we can break her down." Miru added.

"Yeah, I wanna see that! " Polly added. "I know Six Gun likes whiskey, she yells for it all the time in her cell."

"Were gonna have some fun alright. Still I want to find that british nurse, the blackchurch one. The one who was nice." Miru added after taking another swig and whipping her mouth.

"Well let's go, the night is young!" Natasha added. They were all screwed anyway so, Natasha would earn her punishment. "Just make sure none of our patients die, at least."

The four Hanover girls walked off stumbling and laughing  it up. Margaret read their thoughts from down the hall. She pondered if she should commiserate with them.

Why not? It would be fun. But she had to make sure Sapphire and the other BlackChurch patients were settled in for the night. Another thought crossed her mind.

Would Sapphire want to come along?

Margaret smiled. Enough of the prim and proper and the tomb like manners of Penelope Grecian. Life, immortal or not was for living.

To Be Continued
At the Convention part two
Oh boy! Who let the Hanover girls near the bar? You think Riva would have learned from the year before. Yes the five Hanover patients tagging along are the Three Amigas(Martha, Queen of Diamonds, Tefnetis (in Laura Ferraro mode) and Veronica Maudette The Black Widow), Gata (uh oh..) and Six Gun Sally. Martha, Tefnetis and Six Gun Sally are created by :iconcelestialhost:
The Chinese are not amused and neither is Penelope or Head Nurse Riva!! 

No offense to my Northern neighbors..Miru and co are drunk! Please excuse their behavior.
Think The South Park Movie..

Part One:
Asylum Girls Club #1 page 8
Not thrilled with this page..alot of stuff going on but not enough spacing. Will try to avoid this 
for the other pages..basically giving an idea of all the chaos at Hanover.

Also the NCPD is like an unofficial enemy of the asylum. Many of the SN's fought the police in their earlier criminally insane states..Jess still hates the pigs!

Isis and Lotus trying to rob a bank? How 20th century...

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Entomonium : Spiral Blossoms ZeroOne

Tsiuljas, the Great Desert between the Crystal mountains.


Lummul and Kennek shouted their treedle war cry at the top of their lungs, clearing them for the intense combat about to commence. The closest Sardakkas to them turned in surprise. Wary of the powerful weapons of the primitive elf cousins of the Faeriken, a treedle war cry was one of the few things that could cut through the bloodlust of a Sardakka slaughter frenzy. Before they could even raise their stone war clubs, two Sardakka's who had been chewing on a dead Faeriken warrior were sliced neatly in half. Lummul's twin nettrium blades the culprit. A pull on the reigns of her Vsarjus-sreker brought her high up above the battle field and then down again for her next targets.

"Little Morsels! Little Morsels! You are next!" The Sardakka's screamed to gather their courage. But even the most alpha warrior knew they were in a fight for their lives. Since when did Treedles help Faeriken? Where they not mortal enemies!?

The surviving Faeriken saw this and immediately waged a counterattack. They were mostly armed with normal crafted weapons of molted  Vsarjus and Gamackarian skin. A few higher ranking ones had iron passed down from their ancestral clans. One tall green haired warrior, the blood of many Sardakka decorating his armor, had the rare Deep Fathom Vsarjus crafted heavy sword. A prized sword crafted from extremely durable high pressure resistant shell of the Vsarjus who lived at the bottom of the ocean, the most powerful weapon next to a nettrium crafted one.

Radriel the Young, stood in awe. Unlike most Faeriken who had only seen treedles who were slaves or their corpses, he had seen them in actual combat before. To see two of them in actual battle and tearing through the Sardakka's still humbled him despite his own body count.

"It's only because of their weapons, without them they are nothing." A lower ranking Faeriken spearman spat.

"No, they are quite brave and skilled. Look at them. The nettrium merely completes them as warriors. Remember all the trouble they give us  in the slave uprisings even when not armed with nettrium! Have respect for warriors who are not of your kind! These Sardakkas were beating us till they arrived."

Radriel fixed an angry look on his subordinate. Radriel was not trying to be contrary or put down his own people but the Faeriken arrogance was getting many good and brave warriors killed even centuries after coming to Tsiuljas.

The spearman nodded to his superior. They had been losing. Faeriken were supposed to be superior to all, yet they were defeated as much as they won against Sardakkas and Treedles. Even Outcasts had bested them when they were overextended.

"Let us rally! For Travagar! FIGHT!"

"For Travagar!" The Faeriken males cried in unison.

The battle was joined. The Sardakka formation was cut in half and the intense fighting resumed. The surviving Faeriken warriors were able to get what was left of the civilians and priestesses to the safety of the rear. All the while the twin Treedle warriors flew in and out of the Sardakka's, taking at least two warriors out with each pass. Their steed also took out Sardakka's with their own natural weapons. The extended claws of Lummul's male steed gutting one of the larger warriors, the leader who still would not go down.

"That one is BigBad BigBad!" Lummul shouted to her battle brother, prelover Kennek!" That powerful Sardakka, along with others began to hurl stone darts at the two Treedle warriors.

"NGK!!" Kennek gritted his teeth. Time to use his spear thrower. Made of nettrium and doubling as a powerful cudgel he took aim at the monstrosity that still fought as his guts hung to the white, sandy earth below. As his Sreker steed avoided a volley of stone darts, he launched his nettrium tipped dart/spear from a difficult angle. It struck home, impaling itself through and out the back of the alpha Sardakka's skull.

Still the high warrior would not go down.

"Greeek!?" Kennek could not believe how tough this one was. Even mortally wounded it rallied the rest of its comrades with its own Sardakka Death growl song.

The Sardakka's went into a death frenzy and counterattacked. The Travagar kingdom cavaliers met them with their own battle song. The battle continued. Radriel decapitated two Sardakka with his Deep Fathom sword and then used a rolling technique to separate another's leg. The delegged one extended its powerful arms to try and grapple with his attacker, to tear his weak Faeriken flesh with his rows of dagger like teeth. Radriel's loyal spearmen took care of him allowing their leader to go for his ultimate target. The still living leader who growled a song of death.

Lummul landed and jumped off her Sreker steed who got ready to fight in ground mode. Its long crystalline wings sliding underneath its red, ruby like armored shell. Extending its razor sharped feelers and scanning the battlefield with its sixteen optic sensors organ. The female Treedle warrior sheathed her blades in her Havna petal woven leg wrappings and pulled out her battle pipe. A combination flute and blow shotgun, the later usage would be its purpose today. Lummul had seen a detachment of little ones and their nurses separated from the main detachment. The two cavalier's defending them crushed after taking out five Sardakka.

One poor little one had been already swallowed whole by the lead Sardakka and Lummul was determined to save her! The rest of the little Faeriken shrieks and cried in terror as one of the nurses was killed with one smash of a war club. An old priestess drew a ceremonial knife in desperation and stood her ground, knowing her death was assured. She prayed but did not kneel, she would take one of these barbarians with her if she could.


The Sardakka turned to see the small but agile female elf take aim in midair with some kind of flute pressed to her lips. It released a song of air being pushed through a tube, a song of death for the genetically enhanced Gobloids. Three were shredded instantly by the nettrium darts. The one who was not had been selected on purpose. The one who had swallowed the little one. That Sardakka actually experienced something rare but not unheard of for their kind.

Fear. Lummul pulled her blades and looked right into it's dark grey eyes with her lavender ones.

"I will Free the little one. CutSlice, CutSlice…get ready!" Then she smiled.

The Faeriken Priestess took the opportunity to drive her ceremonial dagger into the back of the Sardakka's head. It staggered and reached for the hilt of the blade. Leaving its belly wide open.


A small and shrieking form fell from the opened stomach of the flailing gobloid warrior. The old priestess ran to pick up the terrified Faeriken female child and reassure her with soothing words.

"The Tree of Light, The Tree of Light. Its glow bathes you, so do not fear. The Tree of Life will not grow dim. Tallaruh, Tallaruh."

The Faeriken lulla bye was joined by the sound of a Sardakka warrior's head being separated from its body, a twin scissor technique devised for twin nettrium blades.

The children looked in awe at the Treedle woman in red vsarjus armor. They had only ever seen Treedle slaves, mostly females who looked mostly sad but also smiled and sang funny songs to each other. This one had saved them and killed many of the scary large green monsters! This fearsome warrior stared back at them and then winked and smiled.

"Little Ones! Faeriken and Treedles, we are all one!" With that Lummul returned to the battle.

"Holy Elder Mother, was that Galadriel?" The nearly digested girl asked, hugging the priestess tightly.

"No. But Galadriel perhaps sent her. She picks warriors among all, even the outcasts."

The tide had turned. The Sardakkas were now being beaten. The weaker cowards began to withdraw. The True Warriors would fight to the death. The truest of all still sang his death song. Now on one knee he was helped to his feet by one of his brothers. Normally such an action would be rejected but under these circumstances the leader did not resist. They would take as many soft Faeriken scum with them as they could.

Radriel cut a swath  through several Sardakka's on the outer formation that had now built up around the mortally wounded leader. Sardakkas were not dumb brutes like many now dead Faeriken warriors assumed. They were quite effective warriors and opponents. Radriel knew this all too well.

"Curses, if I had my Mosura we could have finished them already." He cursed the idea of going on foot but the Priestesses had demanded it. Silly women, now most  of them were dead and being eaten or worse. His Battle Moth steed was way back in Travagar eating nectar and awaiting it's master return. Before he could advance further he felt a presence above him, that Treedle male and his blue Sreker (beetle) steed hovered over him.

"Hey, tall one. You are the best warrior here. But you will NeverMake, NeverMake it to that DemonCousin. NeverMake, Nevermake." The brown haired Treedle seemed to almost laugh at him.

"Well then 'little cousin', can your Battle Beetle hold two warriors?" Radriel replied.

"Bee-tle? What a funny name..yes my Bee-tle, could carry ten of you tall ones!" Kennek boasted. "ComeUp, ComeUp..but no betrayal! No Betrayal! Dishonor is for WarriorsNot, WarriorsNot.."

Radriel nodded. "No Betrayal, you have my word." With that Radriel cut his hand with his DeepFathom blade and painted his face, Treedle style.

Kennek was surprised but then laughed.

"Oh you know TreedleWays. TreedleWays! HA! Few Tall ones do and even fewer would do what you did!"

Radriel climbed ontop of the Battle Beetle, the small but extremely strong Treedle helping him on.

"Lets Take out the DemonCousins! Faeriken and Treedle! We are all one!!! YALALALALALALALALALALALALALALAL!!"

Radriel also joined in the Treedle war cry. His men below stared at him in shock.

"Radriel has gone mad!"

To Be Continued.
Entomonium: Spiral Blossoms ZeroOne
Back to the insect riding elf warriors of Entomonium!

Introducing Radriel, the honorable Faeriken cavalier hero of the series. 

Yeah you know where I got Mosura (Mothra) from..all hail ToHo!

Also showing the toughness of the Sardakka's. Orcs are treated like cannon fodder in The Lord of the Rings films but one thing I cannot stand from history is underestimating opponents, particularly of so called 'primitive' peoples. Not only because it is arrogant and disrespectful and dishonorable but also tactically stupid..and usually some other poor bastard who is not stupid  pays the price.

Previous Chapter:

Entomonium Primer:

This idea is a collab with and inspired by the mastermind across the pond, :iconcelestialhost:!

Mature Content

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The Abomination Of Desolation part Three

A loud explosion filled the air of the northern Nefcon suburbs. The next morning on the local news it was blamed on a gas explosion. Explaining gaia energy and the secret invasion of old ones returning would have been too complex for the average morning newswatcher. Traffic, weather and sports highlights kept the ol' train rolling. What was the survival of a race of beings next to getting to work on time?

Kirsty Scrivener fell to her knees. Her heart was pounding and she felt like throwing up but held back. Instead she scanned the area she had hit with her energy attack with her conceal carry pistol. A large hole now existed where Polly Traver's small backyard deck once stood. A younger Kirsty would have wiped out the entire dwelling but the years were taking their toll. The Lurker and its mistress, the insane Necronomicon Girl were nowhere in sight. That meant they escaped.

Damn. Oh well, if they ran off it meant they were not attacking Polly and her anymore.

"Polly!?" Kirtsy ran over to Polly who was lying still on the grass.

"Oh god, please. Polly? Polly! Are you alright, dear?" Kirsty carefully picked up Polly's head and started to shake her. She was breathing.
That was good at least. A minute later she began to stir.


"It's okay, Polly. They are gone. I told you that the power within you was formidable. That thing as powerful as it was could not harm you!" Kirsty smiled somehow finding a positive out of the whole disaster.

"My baby? Is it okay?" Polly grabbed her belly.

"His life force is strong, he is fine." Kirsty answered.

"I feel so weak.." Polly passed out again.

Kirsty picked Polly up and placed her on one of the deck chairs. Sirens could be heard in the distance.

"Oh dear, this is going to be awkward."

"You're damn straight this is awkward!"

Kirsty turned to see the last person she wanted to see next to Necronomicon girl.

"Miru..don't worry Polly is okay." This did not stop the Mega Nurse coming forward to assess Polly's condition.

"The child is okay too.." Kirsty added.

"Shut your damn mouth! What are you a doctor!?" Miru picked up Polly, she was not going to wait for an ambulance.

"Where are you going?" Kirsty came forward. "The danger is not past!"

"I'm taking her to Hanover she will be safe there, I should take you there too and throw you headfirst into an isolation cell!" Miru snarled.

"Miru, please. I know you are upset..let me.."

Before Kirsty could finish, Miru had already blasted off into the night sky. The sirens increased. Kirsty had to get out of there. She was in no mood to have to answer questions that the police would surely have.

As she turned to run, she saw Michaels body again.

"Michael.." She took a moment to pray over his body. Then she ran to her car, driving off with stinging tears in her eyes. Ten minutes later she pulled over on the side of the road and began to cry and wail over her good friend. The almost lovers..almost husband and wife.

He would be avenged.

The Lurker was dying. It had taken the brunt of the Gaia blast attack protecting its mistress and had run off with her in its arms, traveling a good three miles away. Now it was starting to wear down. Gently placing a half dazed Necronomicon girl on the ground, it laid down next to her and died. Two minutes later, the Cthulhu agent awoke. It took a few more minutes to get her bearings and then the cursing began. Screaming in rage, she pounded the earth with her fists.

Sirens were heard nearby. The practical side of N-Girl reasserted itself and she quickly quieted herself. Looking around she was in a wooded park of some kind. Her loyal Lurker had helped her escape the asylum and saved her in the end. But it failed to kill Polly. They both failed.

Another plan was needed. Time to get to one of her safe houses and recover.

'Kirsty Scrivener. I have such a fate in store for you.."

Necronomicon girl ran off into the night as the Lurker's body began to dissolve. Cthulhu would take care of all the minor details, the rest was up to her. The failures were many, but she kept getting another chance. Only Cthulhu would know why and he wasn't telling anyone.
N-Girl was grateful regardless.

Hanover Institution for the Criminally Insane: Infirmary.

"Is she going to be okay?" Miru asked the head nurse of the infirmary.

"She will be okay. The baby is fine, she just had a bad shock." Nurse Surrininen was still looking over the tests they had performed on Polly when she was brought in. "She is lucky surviving an attack from that maniac. I heard the police guarding her were not so lucky."

"No they were not." Miru briefly saw the ripped apart remains of the two male policemen. The NCPD was adamant about not allowing the Hanover SN's to act as bodyguards for her outside of Hanover. The stupid rivalry between them and Hanover got these two police officer's horribly killed. The NCPD could not even deal with plain ordinary' 'Masks' much less the meta and supernatural powered inmates. That could have been Polly just as easily.

"It's quite clear that Necronomicon Girl went right for her. All staff must stay here at Hanover for now." Head Nurse Riva put out the order on her digital clipboard.

"Oh they are going to love that. N-Girl is going to be quite popular here when we recapture her." Miru folded her arms with an evil smile.

"It must be done. She is still out there and seems to have gained more can that be? She has been confined here more than being on the street for the last two years. Where has she learned this stuff?" Riva marveled.

"Makes you wonder if she has help?" Miru cocked an eyebrow. Riva said nothing.

"So you are now a psychic? You read my mind." Riva smiled. Suspicions on a inside collaborator at Hanover had been on both their minds for awhile.

The two women looked at each other. Before they could continue with their discussion, Riva's communication earring began to broadcast Jess's voice.

"Riva, Miru. Meet me by the front gate area. An unexpected visitor is requesting to see you both."

"Let me guess, its not Necronomicon girl giving herself up." Miru sneered.

"No, its some middle aged british woman." Jess responded.

Kirsty Scrivener was sitting in the chair in an area normally reserved for new patients. Two SN's stood on her flanks ready to act.

Miru and Riva entered the room. It took all of Miru's discipline to not grab this crazy woman who had placed Polly into this kind of danger.

"Miss Kirsty Scrivener. Miru tells me you are a friend of Polly Travers." Riva said with cold professionalism.

"Yes. I am her life coach. I am training her to utilize her gaia energy."

Miru and Riva looked at each other. This woman was obviously not well.

"Well Miss Scrivener. You have to understand that this sounds a bit odd to us."

Kirsty smiled. "Strange powers and abilities. Oh yes, these things are quite unheard of. Especially in this place."

"Good point." Riva admitted. "Regardless of what we think, you came here for a reason. Why?"

"To see how Polly was. I am very concerned for her."

"Ever since you turned up, things have been getting weird with Polly. Her pregnancy, N-Girl escaping. Its too much of a coincidence." Miru folded her arms.

"Polly is alive right now, because of me! You were no where in sight with all your vaunted power. Your incompetence has contributed more to any danger she is in, not me." Kirsty stood up and retorted angrily. The two SN's were ready to grab her, but a look from Riva stilled them.

"Kirsty Scrivener. I am going to ask you what your purpose here is. I want you to be totally honest with me or I shall call the authorities." Riva made her ultimatum.

Kirsty now had a difficult choice. The truth would get her locked up in here for sure if she was reading Riva and Miru right. Not answering and she would be arrested and deported within 24 hours. Leaving Polly vulnerable to old one agents.

She would have to just say the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Riva then touched her earring. Someone was communicating with her. Those communication earrings were quite useful.

"Oh. Okay. Send her up."

Riva turned to Kirsty.

"Well Mrs Scrivener. It looks like your boss is here."

"Boss?" Kirsty was incredulous. Had the Department actually sent someone to bring her back?

A tall dark haired woman with shades arrived.

"Greetings from the UK. I am agent Myra Godwin. Kirsty's superior."

Kirsty eye's widened. What trickery was this? She had never seen this woman before. Was it Necronomicon girl in disguise? It did not look like her, but who was she then? The Department had a high turnover. Whoever this new woman was she must have known Kirsty was no longer in The Department.

"So this is one of your agents? She seems a bit..old for field work. No offense, Mrs Scrivener." Riva said apologetically.

"Oh no. Kirsty no longer works for us. I am her boss, figuratively speaking. No one ever really leaves The Department."

The british woman chuckled and looked over at Kirsty.

"If she no longer works for you, why did you come here?" Miru folded her arms. She did not trust any of these british women. More than half of the ones she knew were inmates in this place!

"Kirsty Scrivener was let go due to a mental..err..breakdown. She became fixated on your employee, Polly Travers back in England. After the incident with one of your patients, a Necronomicon girl, she became obsessed with Polly. Her many years of service, selfless and dutiful as she was has taken its toll on her mind. I came here to warn you, but I seem to have been a bit late. Am I? Is Mrs Travers okay?" The mysterious woman asked.

"She is fine. Kirsty was not able to harm her." Riva answered. "I wish you would have called us earlier. Communication is quite important and there is little excuse in this day and age for a lack of it."

The woman smiled. "You would have made a great member of The Department's command. Riva Carmichael."

Kirsty was being set up. She was going to have to blast her way out of here now. But she had doubts on this course of action. Miru would easily beat her. Also she needed to be in proximity to Polly, especially with this mysterious woman now on the scene. What to do? What to do?

Time to throw another wildcard again into the mix.

"You lying demon whore!.. I knew you would find me. I am trying to save the world by destroying the demon that lives within the unholy bosom of Polly Travers!! You cannot stop me! I must save the world! I must!"

Kirsty stood up and lunged at the mysterious woman. The SN's grabbed her and immediately Kirsty was on the ground struggling in an armlock.

"I knew it, she was nuts! Damn it! I should have nipped this in the bud!" Miru angrily spat. She nearly punched the wall but controlled herself. Even the mighty Miru did not want to be punished by 'Iron Nurse' Riva.

"Its okay. I am employing emergency powers to commit this woman. We shall allow the legal department to figure out the jurisdiction. This woman is obviously troubled."

Kirsty screamed and kicked as she was dragged off.

The mysterious woman was quiet.

"Well Miss Godwin. I trust The Department has no problem with this action. This is our jurisdiction after all but I would like to be flexible to your organization's procedures.

The mysterious women did not answer. She did not even move.

Miru looked suspiciously at the british woman.

"Hey! Were talking to you! Are you deaf all of a sudden?"

She then seemed to break out of some kind of trance.

" that is fine. She is not technically part of our organization anymore. I have seen her annual psych evaluations in her file. I recommend intense treatment and isolation. When she is cured we will arrange her return home. Thank you for you understanding."

As Agent Godwin was escorted out, Miru conferred with Riva.

"Well. Kirsty is a psycho, but what do you make of her so called Boss."

Riva had that look.

"Increase the security around Polly."


A secret hiding place somewhere.

A blonde pale woman in a green bodysuit and fake little demon wings sat indian style on top of a large pentagram.

"What the hell is her game? That crazy bitch!"

Necromomicon Girl was puzzled by the actions of Kirsty Scrivener. Her plan to get Kirsty locked up in Hanover was spoiled by Kirsty doing the unexpected. The fact that the end result was the same was small consolation. The mysterious "why" of what Kirsty did was making N-girl nervous. She had some kind of plan obviously. However now she needed to be eliminated if Necromomicon girl was to have any peace of mind. That now meant two targets instead of one.

A knock could be heard on the entrance to her hide out. Slow knocking, like a ghost returning..

"My puppet. Enter.." Necronomicon commanded.

Agent Godwin walked in to greet her mistress.

"So, Kirsty is still in the game. Playing her hand. She was smart to not show her power. I will really enjoy killing her and you will help me my puppet. But not yet. Time to lay low for a while."

Agent Godwin said nothing.

"Return to your original form. I will have need of you in the future."

The form of the dark haired woman began to shudder and then her outer form began to peel off, revealing a black/green thing underneath. The stretched molted outer form lay on the floor of the hideout, a cave in the nearby Nefcon mountain range. The shape shifting thing made a hole in the earth and returned to its larvae form.

The time to strike would come soon. Miru would be hunting her shortly and she would need all of her abilities to avoid capture. Polly and Kirsty would die but now N-Girl began to think big. The bitches at Hanover would expect her to target Polly again. Why not take out the whole asylum? Sure she had tried six times before and failed but Cthulhu forgave as long as one did not stop trying.

A plan came to the former goth girl acolyte. Was there not a large cemetery of long dead Madison asylum inmates nearby? All those tormented and angry souls looking for vengeance?

Did Necronomicon Girl dare raise the dead? Summoning old ones and giant creatures were in her resume. Why not zombies?

Laughter began to fill the inside of the cave echoing throughout, scaring the bats who were hanging upside-down.

No one would ever see Necronomicon as a goofy female sidekick to the Cthulhu kid ever again. She did not need that loser..
Vengeance and respect would be would the new Kingdom to come.

To Be Continued
The Abomination of Desolation Part Three
Poor Kirsty, every character gets locked up in Hanover at some point. Still she has a plan..

Really trying to emphasize the resentment the NCPD had towards Hanover..just like they 
have for the masked hero The Peacock (Matt Donahue).

Looks like the zombie apocalypse is coming to Hanover..actually zombie apocalypse number two and a half (not counting a maniac virus incident and of course The Bleeding saga).


United States
Current Residence: the declining Northeast USA
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Favourite style of art: Drawings..
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Is here..but the weather is still August..muggy, hot. Lifting weights again and
studying for a certification..but i will never give up the arts!

The comic is coming along slower than I like with the setup but soon it will accelerate. Miru as seen on the very first page is in a battle with someone tough.

The fiction serials continue. I want to do more masculine stuff like Coyote Kid and Fencemen. 

As for spontaneity, you know anything can show up at any time. Its going to be Halloween season soon so extra dark ideas are in my head (well I guess thats true year round). Its really the weather and foliage of the season that I seem to meld with spiritually.

Dont watch Mad Max Fury Road, it sucks (shortest review ever).


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